Friday, March 11, 2016

Arriving in Ghana, Safe & Sound

Gabe arrived in Ghana about 2:00am this morning Texas time (8am in Ghana - they are 6 hours ahead of us), and was able to send us a quick email.  I got to read it before I started my 5:50am seminary class, so it was fun to share some of this with my class.  He sounds great!!

I have finally arrived, hallelujah! It took 2 and a half days to get here, but i am alive and well. After the rain in Dallas, I was delayed for 1.5 hours, so i missed my Atlanta to Amsterdam flight by 15 minutes... Turns out, there were 3 missionaries there that i was supposed to meet up with, but oh well, it was a good journey! I flew from Atlanta to New York and met a very nice guy who I sat with before boarding (that flight was delayed too) and we just talked about everything and about my mission and such. From there, I flew from New York to Accra which was like 9 hours or so, and because I missed my flight in Atlanta, they gave me business class all the way to Accra. I sat in seat 1D and was spoiled rotten. I felt bad because another missionary who got sick and went home for his mission was flying back to Accra as well and walked past me.... Sorry Elder Holman... XD

Anyways, I was at the airport, luggage took forever to get to me, but i got both pieces, and shortly after almost got scammed, but I was smarter than that guy and the Lord was definitely telling me to just walk away, and eventually he left me alone! But I got here late, and so I'm a little behind in the check in process at the MTC, but its all good :)

I am in a companionship with Elder Waihi from Australia and his accent is AWESOME. Anyway, gotta sign off, but I love you and I am safe, and the Lord is looking out for me. Definitely answered my prayers of comfort and safe passage.


Elder Wawro :)

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