Monday, April 11, 2016

Hot Dog Stir Fry?

This week was awesome! We had 2 baptisms, one was 10 and the other was Sister Gifty who is blind, but she has a strong testimony.  :) Sister Gifty's dog has become my friend FINALLY! At first it hated me but I was very nice to him and always said hi, so now he jumps on my lap and lets me scratch his belly too! Sister Gifty's son Davis is so cute. He is about 5ish and he loves wearing my hat that dad gave me, which is hilarious because it is so big on him!

So, I email from a cafe'.  I have a picture, but it might not send for a while since I am behind on pictures, so you'll get some from last week and some from this week until I catch up. 

My companion is Elder Vuakatagane (voo ah ka ta na ne), he is from Fiji and he wants a big family after the mission.  He is really good with doctrine and teachings and timelines of the prophets and apostles in the New Testament.  He used to work in the cruise ship business as a marine engineer, so he ran the engines and stuff!  I think he's about 24 years old.  He is awesome and we laugh pretty much everywhere we go.  :)  I know that he also lost his dad.

Our Sunday feast this week was hot dog stir fry with eggs, hot dogs, bread, onions, garlic and orange Fanta. It was delicious, and since our soy sauce is really expensive, we use it every Sunday for our feast.

This week we went to an investigator's house, and the boys were swimming.  We waited for the guy to come outside, but all his friends were drunk, so I don't know if they forgot to tell him we were there.  He is a very wealthy guy from New York with a thick northern accent for a black guy! Anyways, they have a  house bouncer, and one guy was so drunk, they pulled him out of the pool and then he fell and just blacked out and was mumbling. Alcohol is bad, man... And so the bouncer dragged him out of the property in his underwear and the guy was like a limp noodle which made it even more hilarious!  :)  Turns out we left 10 minutes later and the drunk guy left all his clothes in the road.

Our usual meals consist of fake nutella and bread, eggs and bread, cereal with milk packets which aren't half bad, hot dogs and when we feel like it, we mix bread, butter, nutella and cook it all with some eggs, but so far it is delicious! We eat out in "chop bars" local restaurants, and it's usually rice ball with ground nut soup (peanut butter soup) which is good with fish, goat, chicken, or other meat called bush meat, which is basically anything that is found in a bush (monkey, rat, squirrel, etc.  Haven't tried that yet, but will eventually).  My stomach is slowly getting adjusted, but I have lost the majority of my appetite which is normal for most missionaries here.

The baptismal font here is outside and in the ground and is covered by 2 big metal sheets which was way different from home, but so cool!

Often times we see chickens because they are literally everywhere, but sometimes we see pink chickens!  Dead serious and it is awesome.

I had fufu again this week -  a member made it for us and it was good, but I still have to get adjusted to it for sure.  Everybody grabbed handfuls of it and swallowed it whole, but I can only do like quarter-sized balls so far... ahhahahaa!

My scriptures are marked all over and have post-it notes everywhere, which is so cool to see all the progress and cool things in the scriptures! Even in 1 and 2 Nephi, it talks about the time of Joseph Smith and about the sealed book that will be brought forth which is way cool!

There are many lemon trees here which reminds me of grandma's house and her lemon plant in the backyard, and wow does it smell good.  I love the smell and it brings back memories from home :)

They have popcorn vendors that sell popcorn for 50 pesewas which I get every time I see one because it is cheap and reminds me of Mom's love for popcorn!  All the colas here are good, the glass coca cola bottles are really cheap here so we get those occasionally and I even tried Africa Cola which was delicious!

Everybody here is a bargainer, so I am learning slowly how to bargain and get lower prices.  They boost all the prices because I am white, so it gets interesting sometimes...oh well...

I hand-wash basically all my clothes which is a good stress relief...similar to dad caring for his lawn to reduce stress...which is a good time for me to relax and read conference talks from the Liahona magazines we have.

Everybody still looks at me as I pass and call me broni, but it doesn't bother me.  It makes it easier to talk to people about the gospel when they all stare at you, but also I don't have the luxury of slacking off since everybody is watching.  :)

I am slowly understanding dad's pains of sleep deprivation because I haven't gotten much sleep.  I get about 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night just tossing and turning, not sleeping or otherwise, but I have plenty of stuff to read. 


-Elder Wawro


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