Monday, August 8, 2016

Another Week in Africa

The internet is SWEET right now because not a lot of people are here, so it is fast! :)  Yikes, I am struggling...the cafe owner is watching 'Lord of the Rings'.... My weakness... :'( But I will not watch!  >:)  It is rough, but more blessings! 😥 😇

This week has been pretty sweet!  Elder Sewell came into the apartment!  He is a Samoan guy, he is a year old on his mission, and he is really gifted musically and athletically.  :) He is also fetching hilarious!

Anyways, to start, since Brittan's birthday is soon, I decked out a page in my planner just for her!  :)  Happy Early Birthday 'Bribben'.  :) <3

Elder Simpson got a haircut by one of our recent converts, Randy, and they have an interesting way of cutting hair here where they use a straight razor blade and a comb to cut the sides!  Pretty interesting, but it will make more sense if the picture rolls through this week!

I had my last District Council with Elder Mutasi this week, which was sad, but he just moved like 20 minutes away to be our zone leader, so I will still get to see him often! :)

We went to KFC last week before Elder Mutasi left which was fun to do as a district for our last activity together and on the way home, we took a  lot of ugly pictures of ourselves, so enjoy.... I guess..... :)  Ahhahahaaa!  :)

Elder Lund just went home last week which was sad too, he and Elder Simpson are really good friends, and Elder Lund was my first Zone Leader, so it was sad to see him go, but it was really sweet that he finished out strong.  :)  I like the heck outta Elder Lund, he is really sweet!

We made a mega-bed in our apartment last week, we had 5 Elders and 4 beds, so we put all our mattresses on the floor and just somehow fit on the beds.  It was a good form of bonding I suppose, but I didn't sleep great then!  But it was cool to get everyone on board! :)

Yesterday, this part-member family in the other Elder's branch had a baby blessing at church, and after church they were having a get-together type deal, so we got invited as well.  It was interesting, his wife isn't baptized, so a preacher came and prayed for the baby and I think her mom did as well, but they played a ton of Ghanaian music, so that was interesting on the Sabbath!  :) Overall, it was a good experience and we got food and drinks, so life is good!  :)

Our ward mission leader brought home 3 puppies from Bekwai this week!  One of our members' dogs had a litter of like 6 or 7, so Godfred (our ward mission leader) came home with 3 of them and they are CUTEEEEE.  :)  Puppy love always make me happy.  :)))

This week, Elder Simpson has been big on exercising, so we woke up at 5:30 every day this week to go run and lift weights near our ward mission leaders house.  It is fun, but man, I am SORE!  :)  hahahaaa :)

That has been my week here in Ghana, it isn't too hot, and we had a little rain, so no complaints! :)

Elder Bednar comes this Saturday and Sunday, so I get to see him 2 days in a row!  :)

Love you guys and thank you "Bibre"!  (lots)  :)

Elder Wawro


Saw a kid in a cub scout uniform...had to take a picture!

Another dead rat...

 One of many, many roaches...

Red Bull anyone??

Shoe repair!

Baking chocolate chip cookies!



Elder Mutasi...commentary on trying to kill roaches and killing a rat instead...

Ghana rats and roaches...they're everywhere and must be killed...

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