Monday, November 21, 2016

"What Week Are We On?" :)

Alrighty, another week in Mpraeso!

First, this week, we traveled from Monday to Thursday evening.  My companion and I traveled to Kumasi for a meeting for the trainers and trainees and it was sweet!  We got to stay at the mission home, which has air conditioning, so definitely no complaint there!  :)  I even got to see the Wardles' a few times which always makes my day better!  :)  We got back late Thursday night, I think we were opening our apartment door at 11:00pm, but everything went smoothly, we even had time to run by Palace and grab a few American goodies for Thanksgiving! :)

For Thanksgiving, we are planning on doing some mashed potatoes or french fries (or chips as they call them here) with some grilled chicken.  I hope all goes well, I grabbed some green beans and corn as well, so at least we will have a somewhat healthy meal.  :)  There aren't a lot of places to shop, but we do have a farmer's market.

I chopped my hair off this week, it was getting big again, so I cut it pretty low, and wow, it is nice to have a breeze on my head again! :)  Hahahaaa!

I grabbed a few pictures at the training and some funny ones of Sister Mpungose (South African and one of my favorite sisters here) when she caught a bird in the bathroom and she's wearing my crocs!  :)  She is hilarious, and about 5 feet tall, nothing more, so the shoes were huge on her! :)  It was fun to see a bunch of my buddies as well!  :)

This week, I have continued my study of the Sermon on the Mount.  This morning I spent a few hours on Matthew 6:1-4 talking about alms (or good deeds) and how much of a difference it makes when you do it for the right reason, or as Christ taught, not for the praise of man, but for the reward of our Father in Heaven. What a different place the world would be if everyone was less focused on themselves and the praise of man, and more concerned about doing good for others without anybody knowing!  I can't help but think of those families who are blessed with much more than some, and that family goes and pays for a Christmas for those who don't have as much.  It is great to do that and to have people know it was a specific person, but how much greater the blessing is when nobody knows who did it. I don't know how that makes sense to you guys in my broken English, but I hope the Spirit will clear up the rest. This week, try to do something for someone else without them knowing who did it.  Maybe pay for the guy behind you in the drive-thru, write a note of thanks for someone who needs some encouragement and don't put your name on it, move someone's trash bins in or an elderly person. If you need help, our Heavenly Father has plenty of children who can use a little service. We will be blessed for our actions, but how much more we will be blessed when we do it without the praise of man, and only the Praise of God.  Let me know how it goes! :)

Love you ALL,

Elder Wawro

On the topic of the Wardles, Sister Wardle printed me a beginners guide to the piano produced by the church, and she didn't charge me anything! Again, the Wardles are AWESOME! :)  SO I have been using the book and I am again the pianist for our Sacrament meeting!  :)  Piano is really improving!!!! Maybe when I get home, you will get to see! :)

While in Kumasi, I saw a PS4 for the first time in Ghana! We are a little behind technology-wise, but it was funny to see the time delay.  The only thing they aren't behind on is movies because they illegally record them and download them from the internet.... But either way, it was funny to see for sure!  :)

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