Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Transfer Week

Mom:  We were able to email a bit with Gabe, however, we didn't get a full weekly email from him this week.  What we do know is that this week missionary transfers are happening, and he's getting an older missionary who goes home in about three months.  His current companion will be paired with his former companion, so that's interesting.

Yesterday in seminary I was teaching in 1st Corinthians and our discussion was on spiritual gifts and finding out what they are, and how spiritual gifts are given for the benefit of others and making a positive difference for others.  I asked Gabe if he knew what his spiritual gifts were and here was his response:

"Sure, one of my spiritual gifts that I have noticed is the desire to learn. I love learning the language, the scriptures, how to teach better, how to pound fufu, and so on. I have been thinking a lot about it recently actually, so that's funny that you asked. Also, I really love the children. Not sure if that counts as a spiritual gift, but kids and I just get along really well.  :)"

 So, not much else to share but I'm sure we'll have more news this coming Monday on transfers and his new companion.


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