Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Catching Up, 12-3-16 (Saturday)

Catching up on blog posts...I missed emailing Gabe today because they changed his date and I was working the Denton High craft fair all day.  Grateful he was able to email with Bill though.  ~Janene

December 3, 2016

Hey, I know this is strange, but because of elections on Monday, they have moved our P-day to today. I am sorry!!! But I am on for 1.5 hours.  :)

Well, I apologize for the weird week this week, in our mission, they moved our transfer schedule which effected our P-day, so, they moved it  to today ( Saturday).

Anyways, this week has been great! We took some photos as a district and they turned out great! They got some funny ones and some really nice ones! :)

We have started to email at our chapel which is awesome because I have access to my camera and my USB, but still it is too slow to send pictures, so maybe soon I can send some... but don't get your hopes up.  :/

Elder Coleman and I made cinnamon rolls this week and it was AWESOME. It has been a really long time since I have had cinnamon rolls, and it turned out really well! WE "bake" a lot in our apartment, we use the 2 pots system and it doesn't cook perfectly, but it does pretty well for baking without an oven!  :)

Our area is growing little by little. After being closed for 5-6 months, we have began to teach some of the same people as our predecessor missionaries which has been fun! We have 2 that have said that they want to be baptized, so I am really excited for that!  :)

Well, this week will be weird for sure, we have transfers on Monday (normally Wednesday) and then the country's election on Wednesday, and chances are, we will not proselyte that day, but we are waiting for the final decision on that.

As for our transfer news, Elder Coleman's new companion is Elder Powell the district leader, and his former companion, Elder Antwi is going to Tamale to be a Zone Leader. Probably, he will finish his mission there, but we shall see! :)

As for spiritual matters, I learned a great lesson from the Book of Mormon in its first chapters. The story of a family leaving all their possessions in Jerusalem after God commands them to leave before Jerusalem is destroyed. There are those who are faithful... and those who are less faithful... and those who just complain about everything. There is a scripture to the faithful son which says someting along the lines of "blessed art thou because thou hast not murmured against the Lord."  (sorry for the horrible phrasing) but it is a reoccurring theme of the Book of 1 Nephi, being faithful to the Lord's commandments and not complaining about what happens along the way. Easier said than done, but truly the Lord will truly bless us as we faithfully obey his commandments and put our trust in Him.

Thanks for reading! Love ya!

Elder Wawro

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