Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Catching Up...12-12-16

Final catch-up blog post...

December 12th, 2016

I've got lots to write about this week! :)

Mom, how was craft fair? Did you get any sleep last week???   :)

Elections were crazy! The President changed from Mahamma to Nana Akufo Addo and there was A TON of celebrations! We didn't proselyte much this week because of all the parties, and in some places, riots. But overall it was peaceful!  IT WAS HUGE. EVERYBODY WAS DANCING AND SINGING WHEN THEY ANNOUNCED THE NEW PREISDENT!!!  :)

Well, this week has been rewarding. It started with me being angry with my companion over something kinda small, and it was really bothering me! But, as I thought about it and received some helpful words from Dad (last Saturday), I went up to him the next morning and just apologized for being mad at him. Wow, what a difference that made for sure! We now never walk without having a laugh or telling a funny story or 2, and it is amazing!!

I bought some sweet firecrackers this week that we played with for a long time! We have some hilarious videos with them, and hopefully soon, I will get to send them! :)

I made some interesting "donut holes" from the internet this week. They were alright, but since we don't have a thermometer, I just tried to fry them at the lowest setting possible... They weren't awful, but I won't make them again for sure! They took about 1.5 hours to make all of them, and they came out more like cinnamon sticks, but it was an interesting experience!  :)

Elder Coleman found a Christmas tree this week which was awesome, as Elder Antwi (who just left) took his with him when he was transferred. We don't have lights, but we have some ornaments and a tree topper, but soon we will find some lights!

I saw a huge Gas truck this week which read "Highly Inflammable"!  :)   It is really common around here, but this is the first week I could get a solid picture of it!  :)

I had fried snail the day before Elder Antwi left which was not half bad!  It was definitely different, but I enjoyed eating them! I t was a little scary seeing them be hacked open and then thrown in the fryer, but it was really nice!  :)

Ugh.  For me and my companion, we have had eye infections in one of his eyes, and both of mine. And let me tell you, it is rough! Elder Coleman has some eye drops that really help, but it is taking a while to go away, but thankfully, the Lord has let me get some rest at night! Also at the moment, I have a terrible headache. I don't know what happened, I didn't feel great so I took a nap, and then I was finished!  Yikes! But when we get home, I will be taking some Advil, Nyquil, and going back to sleep!  :)

Anyways, for this week, we are preparing this lady Joyce to be baptized. I am really excited to finally have a baptism! We have been working really hard, and I am glad to see some success in the near future!  :) Honestly, this is one of the hardest areas I have been to. But I know that the Lord is watching out for us and he truly is preparing souls to hear the message we have to share. We have been praying a lot for some success in our area, as our branch hasn't had any baptisms in like 6 months, but Saturday, we will have the first in a while!  :)  God truly will help us as we turn to him for help and guidance in our lives. He is always just a prayer and a little bit of work away! :)

So for Christmas Day...proably what will happen is that we won't go out on Christmas, unless to members, and then we will find some members and use their phone to Skype! We will just buy a bunch of credit and  hope for the best!!  There is absolutely zero wifi here. I have never seen wifi, but some missionaries have a little hotspot so they can send pictures from their cameras.

Love you!

Elder Wawro

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