Monday, March 27, 2017

Obusam Dwonso - "Devil's Urine"

This week has been a week of trials and learning. But, that is life forever and ever! My companion stayed home a day this week which was sad, but I got to spend some time with Elder Boyce and Kangwa, which was super fun! That's where I learned my new phrase about alcohol, or the 'devils urine'. :)

We had a tree frog in our house this week! I love tree frogs, they are 100 times cooler than toads we have in Texas. We caught her/him and named it Quinley. We played with it for some time, watched it hop around and played with it for some time, and then Elder Kangwa said he would let it go. Turns out, he put it in a box and it jumped out in our house somewhere, so maybe I will be sleeping with frogs this week... :)

We have been playing a ton of rugby and Frisbee these past few weeks with Elder Boyce. It has been soooo fun, I miss playing Frisbee and I love playing rugby. Never heard much about it, but with my islander companions and now Elder Boyce in the house, I am learning my fair share of rugby! :)

Koffi was confirmed this week, how great! He has been doing wonderful, and he came to teach with us this week! He is so so wonderful :) 

We visited one of our members this week, Samuel, and he had on a Kroger shirt! Of all the shirts, Kroger! :)  I explained what it was and grabbed a picture, it was hilarious! :)

Well, I got the voice recorder to work in the computer, so hopefully it will all work out and you can hear some pieces of my life in Mpraeso! :)

We had a great experience this week. We had a guy named Prince come up to us and tell us his uncle was a branch president a few hours away, and that we should learn with him. We taught him about the Restoration and it was sooo powerful. We came back  a few days later and he had answered all the questions in the back of the pamphlet, and started to read the Book of Mormon. We came back again a few days later and his friend happened to join us, and he testified of the Book of Mormon and how it was from God and how it teaches of Jesus Christ. Truly he is receiving his answer to his prayer as he is acting on what he is being invited to do. It is soooo awesome to see what happens when people want to know the truth and they do their own part. They read and pray and come to church, and the answer comes infinitely faster, as they show God that they really do want to know the truth. So true for all of us, that as we pray and ask for answers and help, we also need to do our part and show our desire to know. Miracles are happening here in Mpraeso, and I am glad to be a part of it.

Love you guys,

Elder Wawro


(It's been a while since we've shared pics from Gabe, but some came through today.  We aren't sure the time or location on all of them, but YAY!!)

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