Monday, April 10, 2017

04/03/17 "ME Ko Obuasi!!"

This has been a pretty good week! :)

We went to this school this week to see one of our members who wanted to show us his house (Ghana is much different than the US, you can go to the school during break time and call out the teachers to talk with them for some time) And when we went there, it was insane with like 300 small kids screaming "OBURONI KO KO MAKYE". It was scary,  seriously I didn't know how to handle so many screaming kids. Props to Carina for her work with the young ones.

I got a haircut last Monday by my Muslim guy, Kramo. He is the only Ghanaian who has cut my hair and he does pretty well! All the missionaries go to him, and he loves to see us! :)

I am picking up some sweet stuff before we get transfer news, hopefully I can send more pictures this coming week with all the stuff I got! :)

Time to tell about our investigator Prince. He is soooooo powerful. He reads everything we give him and always comes to church and our activities! He is sooo great, and he said he couldn't wait to be baptized on the 22nd, so we have planned for this Saturday! The Lord is really blessing us here :)

Conference was sooooo great. SO many Great speakers. Wow. My favorite was Elder Ronald A. Rasband talking about being a First Responder to the first whisperings of the Spirit! Totally loved his talk. I wrote so many different notes from that talk. Also as cool was Elder Robert D. Hales talking about being disciples of Christ, meaning that Christ should be woven into us at all times in and in all doctrine. Powerful Powerful conference. One of my favorites I think I have ever heard. Truly God does speak to the prophets in these days.

Elder Wawro


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