Monday, June 13, 2016

Playing Soccer, Scaring Goats!

This week was a pretty great week.  We are planning for 3 baptisms on Saturday!  Cool story:

One of our baptismal candidates is Raymond.  He just popped into church one day because he was curious about what we teach. He had been traveling 2 hours to church to his previous church and was looking for something closer. We have been teaching him when he comes to church on Sunday and this week he called us over to tell us he was ready to be baptized.  Wow.  He didn't seem very serious when we first taught him, but we told him that if he prayed, God would let him know which church was true. And he did and it has really changed his life.  He is very receptive to the things we teach and he will be powerful when he is a member.

One of our recent converts spoke in Sacrament meeting this Sunday which was really great!  She is waaaaaay shy so we were confused why the bishop asked her but she did really well!  She even raised her voice at a couple of parts (which is common while preaching in Ghana, but the missionaries don't do that) which was funny.  :)

Our mission zone activity last Monday was futbol against our 4 zone!  We came in 2nd because our team was not very good at passing and teamwork in general (ha ha), but I got to play forward or striker which was way sweet because I usually play defense!  :)

The showers here, believe it or not, are pretty cold! We don't have water heaters or anything so it is cold!  It is even worse when it rains because then the sun doesn't heat the ground where we pump the water.

I wrapped my Book of Mormon in a box of fruit loops beacause it was getting bent, so I will send a pic of that.

Anyways, Africa is sweet and I am learning a lot.  I read in the Book of Mormon this week in the book of Helaman.  It always surprises me how fast people can forget God. The people are shown signs of Christ's coming and even a few years after, they said they were from the devil...that is crazy.  But what I took from it was to remember God in everything you do.  Everything you get, all the things you love, and whatever else you can think of, we ought to thank our Father in Heaven for it.  There's a quote from one of the prophets... I Think Ezra Taft Benson, who said that sometimes the biggest sin we commit is not giving thanks to God daily, which is so true. We are blessed with so much, and those in America, even more!

Mom, I will stop in and see the seminary class and take a small video of the class.  :) Your class will see how blessed they are in America.  :)

That's sweet that Derek is going on high adventure!  I just read Dad's email and said he was going and gets to raft!  Man, I am jealous and you know how much I love the mountains....they will enjoy it for sure!  :)  I am way jealous of Derek...tell him that if a group hikes to the peak he better go to the top with them, because that is one of my biggest regrets in my life is not hiking with dad to the top of Challenger.

Elder Odera and I get along really well now.  We traded some ties and he taught me how to make 'chipati' and helped me make my own batch!  It is crazy to see the change that one simple apology makes.  We could still rather hate each other if I had not apologized, but since I did, we get along, laugh together, and there is quite a bit to learn from him too.

Love you guys,

Elder Wawro


Playing Soccer!  (Zone T-shirts and everything!)

One-day beard growth.  Ha ha!


"Goat-Scaring Adventure"!
(typical Elder V...always finding something to laugh about!)

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