Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Chasing Cats

This week has been sweet!

We had some baby cats run into our apartment this week which was interesting, and waaay cute :)  (Video below)

The landlord woke us up at 4am this morning banging on our door like Satan himself had come to earth just to show us where a pipe was leaking... I am learning patience somehow because I didn't say anything to him... :)

I got a new companion!! His name is Elder Simpson and he goes home in September so I am learning a ton from him!  :)  He is really great about finding scriptures that really help people to understand the gospel and he is just overall a good missionary.  Elder Simpson is really awesome.  He is a little quiet like me, but that just pushes me to be a little bit louder and talk a little more.  :)  We get along really really well.  We both love working hard and he is really good at using the scriptures and contacting.  So I am learning a ton from him for sure.  :)  Also in our apartment is Elder Davis from West Valley, Utah and he is really cool.  :) We get along and like a lot of the same stuff, but he too is quiet, so more room for me to talk I guess... :)

This week, we learned how to make "eggdomie" which is basically Ramen noodles covered in eggs that you eat as one big lump of noodles and eggs, which was pretty good!

I had my first malt today which is pretty common in Ghana. They sell non-alcoholic malt everywhere, so today when we visited a member, he gave us each a can of malt (which did not taste great, but I downed half the can...).  There's not a good way to describe it, it's fizzy, bitter-ish, has a strange aftertaste, but it wasn't the worst thing I've had to drink in my life, but good to try something new.  :)

We had a disappointing week this week at Sacrament.  We had only 1 investigator come to church, which was a big change from last week when we could not have fit another person in the chapel, so that was disappointing.  Here in Ghana, people will say they will come, but never really do, which is annoying because everybody is pretty honest in the states about telling you straight if they will come or not, but that is just more practice for patience I suppose.

Anyways, life is good, I am learning a whole bunch here about the language, and people laugh when I can speak a little Twi (chwee) which makes us both laugh a lot.  :)

The internet is way slow again, I don't know the issue, but sometimes it is good, and others it is pretty terrible.  Oh well.  :)

Elder Wawro


So many questions about this billboard...LOL

Cats outside the apartment

(Mom: I got no details about the next two pics, so use your imagination.  LOL!)

 Book cover out of a cereal box...

Neighbor cats invaded the apartment.  Ahhh, good times.  :) I woulda grabbed one, but I don't know if I would have been allergic or not, and plus I had to film it... next time.  :)

Last week's video that didn't come through till this week

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