Monday, June 20, 2016


Sorry, we had another early day today as we have to drop Elder Odera off at the mission home exactly at 3 so they can head to Accra to leave tomorrow!

The internet is way slow again, so I am just trying to get the videos from last week uploaded.  Looks like nothing is going through, sorry about that...

Anyways, I cut my hair this week, so next week you can see it if we have good internet. :)

We had Zone Conference this week which was really awesome, we got to see 3 other zones so I made some friends which is always nice! We got a new mission recitation...3 Nephi 12:2 which talks about the blessings of those who listen to our message.

We went to Bekwai this week which is part of our area, but is way expensive, so the bishop got a group of powerful people from the ward and we spent a day proselyting there.  It is really green there, smells great, and so many people were anxious to hear the message! We met a part-member family, the father is a member but none of his 4 or 5 sons are, so we taught them and 2 of them came to church!  :) Brother Dorman, who we baptized recently, fed us corn porridge which was pretty good, but there was so much, I couldn't finish it.  :)  I have pictures, but bad internet will be the death of me... :)

While we were teaching this week, we had the peanut gallery walk by... On the way to this recent convert's house is a bar, but this bar sells more than alcohol, so the people come out wayyyyyyy left field... Yikes. The bar owner has called us over many times, and we share small messages with him, but he is interesting.  Anyway, every time we teach small, all those people want to listen and we call them the peanut gallery because we say like a sentence and they spend like 10 minutes every sentence we say laughing and getting way off track... :)  So we were teaching and I heard some drums thinking some people were practicing on the way home or having a small parade, but lo and behold, it was the peanut gallery banging on empty buckets going around asking for money and singing which was absolutely hilarious!  :)

We baptized Bro, Raymond this week and he is just fantastic.  Our chapel was full this week.  No kidding, every single chair was filled.  How awesome!  :) Anyways, it is heart warming to see all the recent converts we have that are growing, getting the priesthood, getting speaking assignments, and callings.  It is great to see the progress.  :)

We got transfer calls this week, which is basically as big as Christmas! All the Elders just stare at the phone wondering if it will ring that night, which makes everyone really anxious. President called at 9:30.  Which was like waaay late to call, but Elder V picked up and he is going to the brand new area Bolgatanga!  In the last 2 transfers, the elders up there have baptized like 64 people or something crazy like that!!!!  So he is going to enjoy it.  He is paired with Elder Zulu, the former AP, so he will learn a ton!

For me, I am 3 for 3 with Islanders!  :)  First was Elder Waihi in the MTC, then Elder Vuakatagane, and now Elder Simpson from Fiji as well!  :)  Elder Simpson is a former Zone Leader who goes home in 2 transfers so I may either kill him (ie, be the missionary who sends him home) or I will get transferred next transfer.  I am excited to learn from him for sure! :)

Elder V was way excited about the watch you sent him.  His other watch was a he has worn it every day since he got it.  :)

So, details on my pictures sent last week...every zone has a set of jerseys for when we have events like that, so that was really awesome.  My bandana and glasses were for when I had to clean all the fans because everyone else refused to clean them and they haven't been cleaned in like...6 months.  ha ha!  The pictures of birds/nests I just thought looked cool, and they build their nests upside down and crawl in through the bottom, so that was interesting to me too.  :)

Anyways, that was my week this week!

Love you guys,

Elder Wawro

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