Friday, July 29, 2016

Drowning Mice in Chocolate

Sorry it is early again, we have to go to the mission to prepare to sing for Elder Bednar, coming to Africa! :)

Another week down in the Ghana Kumasi Mission!

To start, we are helping our ward mission leader Godfred to fill out his own mission papers!  :)  They used to have the simplest mission papers, basically your name, where you live and a doctors note for the Africans to serve, but now they have the whole packet like everybody else.  He gave us Alvaro again which is really delicious and something I will miss when I come home for sure!

I managed to somehow make cookie dough this week in the apartment, and holy fetch, I can't go even a day without having some.  Even at the risk of getting salmonella I still eat it .  Ha ha!  :)  It cost a good chunk of my sub (the money we get every 2 weeks) but it was worth it.  :)

While going to the bathroom this week, I look up and see this huge roach just chillin' on the ceiling above me without a care in the world.  It had to be at least as big as my thumb if not bigger, and definitely made a crunch when I killed it, but I guess it is another one down!  Bugs and such don't freak me out now that we sleep with them, but I killed it and moved on... :)

We were walking down the road (dirt trail of sorts) and I saw this RedBull from Asia!  It was really weird looking, so I took a picture of it.  Maybe in a few weeks, you will get to see it.  :) 

The weirdest thing of my whole life happened!  Elder Mutasi and Elder Davis spilled some chocolate sauce I made on the floor, mopped it up, but left the chocolate water in the bucket they used.  Then 2 days later, I had to wash some of my clothes so I grabbed the bucket, you know, no big deal, and began to pour it out in our bathroom.  I hear a thud and see a black blob come out and think it is chocolate, but fetch was I wrong...turns out, a mouse had jumped into the chocolate water bucket and had died from drowning in chocolate!  So that was interesting, but at least it didn't smell too bad!  :)

While in Bekwai this week, we were thirsty so we bought some water off of this younger boy's head which is totally common in Africa to carry stuff on your head, literally everyone does it!  Anyway, I bought some and saw that the little kid was wearing a boy scout uniform!   He had all kinds of patches and arrowheads on his shirt, so we took a  picture! 

Anyway, that is my week.  Remember to love your family, take some time to hang out with them, and NEVER TAKE YOUR TIME FOR GRANTED.

Love you guys :)

Elder Wawro


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