Monday, July 11, 2016

Short Email

These 2 weeks have been great! We had a baptism, met a ton of members, I made a ton of pancakes, and we have walked many, many hundreds of miles.  :)  Next week's email will be bigger because I have no time left from dealing with Dropbox today (sorry, no pictures because it's just not working today), but I just hope everybody understands how short life is.  There is only one day at a time we deal with, and we shouldn't let it go to waste!  There may be some moments we miss, but it is important to cherish all the time we have because sometimes, we don't know if it will happen again!  Sorry for the short email, a big one is coming next week!   :)

Mom, that's way sweet about seminary classes split by grade instead of ward!  I really wish I got to know more of the kids my age in the other wards, so that will be very good for the other kids in your class!  And you get a sweet team teacher with Sis. Mabray.   :)

Sister Wardle told me about the shootings in Dallas and I was pretty sad.  The world is such a horrible place sometimes.  If people were just less prideful and cared more about others, there would be so much less problems in the world.  I was pretty sad when I heard so I hope everything is okay at home.  I just don't understand.  All the hate really just baffles me.

Cool about everyone heading out on missions.  Remind me where Aaron, Bryce, and Erin are going?

We too had a lesson yesterday at church on 'True Greatness' which was nice but it was in Twi so I didn't understand most of it... :).  Yeah, the church teaches in Twi which is cool and everything, but hard for the missionaries to understand.  :)

I don't have as much email time today...we had a zone activity, and still have a 1.5 hour ride home and have to stop on the way home to get some small small groceries.  Next week I will have more time because we don't have as much planned.

These 2 weeks have been frustrating on the internet side.  The internet froze last week after dumsol (no electricity) and this week Dropbox is not working, so that bites -__-, but oh well, it happens.  I'll email more next week.

Elder Wawro

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