Wednesday, July 6, 2016

4th of July in Ghana

Here's an explanation of some of last week's pictures:

-Group picture was taken at Zone Conference
-The food was corn porridge eaten in Bekwai
-We had a good laugh about the haircut/Jesus billboard (the scripture was 'with God nothing is impossible.  LOL!)
-The carcass...yup, one of our recent converts bought a goat and cooked the outside to get the skin tender and then began to chop it all up! 

Elder Simpson is my companion from Fiji.  Elder Davis is with Elder Mutasi in our apartment.

So, for the 4th of July most of the Americans are going to either Big Daddy's or KFC today to celebrate!  Our apartment is going too.  Big Daddy's serves legit hamburgers so we are going to celebrate.  Then we are going to this place called RatRay park where they have a shooting water show so that will be sweet!  :)

Enjoy my BBQ at grandma's house for me! And send a picture or 2 as well!!!!  AHHHHH Jealous.  I miss the pool for sure especially, in the crazy heat!  Mom, I showed the Elders here the picture you sent of the chocolate covered strawberries and all the Americans are currently crying with me.  LOL!

Yeah, Elder Simpson and I both had colds last week and are recovering. Who woulda guessed having a cold in Africa? :)

Mom, you and Sister Mabray are team-teaching seminary?  That class is gonna be sooo sweet!

Sorry, I have to get off and not much time.  Next week I will be on for 2 hours so I will type lots then.  Love you guys and I will write tons next week!

Love you guys and I will write back next week a ton.  :)

Elder Wawro


Baby fell asleep on me!  :)

Same sleepy baby!



Always fun getting our American food here!

L to R:  Elder Davis who is my good buddy, Elder Mutasi the district leader, Elder Simpson my companion, and Meee!

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