Thursday, September 1, 2016

Another Baptism & Spraying for Roaches

Sorry it is early again, next week, I will get on at the usual time, but today we are celebrating Elder Dudley's birthday! :)))  Sweet! Sorry again for the poor planning on my part time-wise, I have become a planning nazi while here in Ghana, and man... I don't know how you guys dealt with me before I came on my mission! :)

In the picture with Elder Bednar, I am wearing Grandma's tie and have a fetching lot of hair!  :)

Ghanaians can't cut white people hair, so I will probably just do it myself.... :)  But I guess I will try just for experience! :)

'Maache' to all those who are reading this email in the morning.  :)  I have had quite an interesting week this week! :)

I have some funny pictures from this week as well, which will probably have to wait for a few weeks before they get uploaded sadly.  :/

First off, we get fried rice at this place near our house on the way home from the gym, and the store close by sells this roll of toilet paper called *poopbegone* (substituting poop for another less decent word) :)  It is hilarious, the people here don't really mind "swear words", they use them just in everyday use and it is really funny!

Next, my favorite investigator (who can't be baptized because her husband hasn't paid the bride price, so they aren't legally married), told us she was moving to Accra this week, so I won't get to see her again most likely.  :(

Then, this guy who sprays our apartment for roaches, randomly showed up at our house and sprayed literally everything we own. He didn't even give us time to move our stuff -__-  So, we spent most of the day just cleaning our stuff and bleach cleaning everything. He even sprayed our books and speakers and such...? Like come on man, that one is just common sense!    Oh well, I look back and laugh, but we were all not happy last week because of that.

On a happier note, as I followed my nightly routine of eating Indomie (cheaper than Ramen) and sitting at my desk, I went to sit down in my chair and fell right through the middle!  I have a picture coming too just for pure enjoyment, but it was really funny when it happened!  Hahahahaaaaa

Also on a happy note, our ward mission leader's dog is SO FREAKIN CUTE.  I have some videos of us playing with the puppy, and he is soooo cute and playful.  :)))

I also made some sweet no-bakes this week which were delicious! Not as good as Mom's, but I mean, for real, who cooks better than Mom?  :) Somehow I managed to whip some up that weren't too bad, so the apartment enjoyed some sweets! :)

Our recent Convert, Randy K. is getting a little famous here in Kumasi for his music that he has written!  He is even on some posters for big DJ events! :)

Happy Late Birthday to my other Brother Kyle up in New York :)  Miss ya buddy! :)

I saw this sign that will make Mom laugh, it is for a guest house (motel) and says "Reverie Guest House - ( U've Earn it)   HAHAHAAAA!!!

Lastly, we had a baptism this Saturday for Emmanuel and Akosika.  :) They are the children of one of our members who decided they wanted to join the church. It was a really touching experience for me.  I have been trying to get better at recognizing the Spirit during baptisms and church, but I never really recognized it until at the baptism. We had the baptism, and everything went smoothly.  :) Afterwards, I was a little confused at why I didn't recognize the Spirit while I was there, but after we left, I was really smiley! Not just temporally happy, but I felt that inner joy.  As I greeted people on the streets, I had a really big smile, not just the courtesy smile I give sometimes.  In Galatians chapter 5, we learn of the fruits of the Spirit, one of them being happiness or joy.  :)  It was a really cool experience, and one that I will experience again and again as more people come unto Christ.  I know the Spirit was there because baptism is the first saving ordinance, even the gate into heaven as explained in 2 Nephi.  The longer I am a missionary, the more important baptism becomes, and how essential it is to enter into heaven. But, baptism must be done by the proper authority, and by one who has been "called of God, as was Aaron" (See your local missionaries for more knowledge on how you can enter into the kingdom of heaven.) Not to mention, that we must be baptized of the Spirit (John 3:5) which also is done by the proper authority.

Anyways, I am signing off!

Love you guys,

Elder Wawro


Group picture with Elder Bednar

Local haircut

Happy Birthday, Brittan!

Making fufu

Cooking for everyone

Before and after haircut

"Creepiest bug in the world..."


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