Thursday, September 8, 2016

Cat Allergies

Well, I have lots to tell, but not enough time!

First, last night, the bishop's wife fed us Yempesie (yem-peh-see-eh) which is Yem (sorta similar to potatoes), and a nice garden egg stew.  I love when members feed us, as it is a bit rare here.  :)

This week, Sister Emilia (the shop owner that is close to our apartment who is a member) and her family were all at the shop, her son Godfred was wearing some baggy pants that particular day. He ran up to me and wanted me to pull him up into the air with my arms, almost like having kids super-jump, and right when he jumped, his pants slipped down past his butt and we all DIED laughing!  Hahhaaaa! I love that family, and Godfred is hilarious!

I made some of the Jello I received in my package and it was fantastic!  :)))))

I have begun to play the game, Daame, basically checkers on Steroids!  I can't really explain it well, but it is super fun and VERY challenging! I have been playing a ton this week because our neighbors next door love to play, so I have been learning.  :)

On the roadside this week, there was a man selling ice cream out of his bicycle (I know it sounds weird, but it is normal here) and it wasn't half bad.  It was strawberry and vanilla, and it was a little grainy, and probably homemade for all I know, but I had never had it before, so we got some and it was pretty good! But still not as good as the sachets of frozen FanDango!  >:)

Our apartment pranked Elder Davis this week! He had fallen off to sleep after he ate, so we decided we would wake him and tell him that President Cosgrave was at our apartment, and it went flawlessly.  We got a video of Elder Davis getting up and running out of our room to put his tie back on, and it was hysterical!  Man, I love that guy, it was so funny!

We visited Litalys again this week to get some more pizza and it was once again delicious! The owners name is Francesco and he is from Italy and has a sweet accent!  He loves when we come by and talk with him, and we love eating his pizza, so it is a win-win for sure.

Last week we also celebrated Elder Dudley's birthday at Big Daddy's. We sang him Happy Birthday, and had some food, and it was cool to see all the missionaries there.  :) I got him a slim purple tie, so if you see it in a picture, it was from me!  :)

Our neighbors cat walked into our apartment this week so we played with it and fed it some milk.  It was hilarious, we were just chillin' and I see this black cat head poke into our room and then run into the kitchen.  It was super funny!

On another more serious note, I will bear my testimony that God truly does make up for his servants weaknesses. I was allergic to cats for a looong time growing up, and it wasn't too serious, but I would get watery eyes, then itchy, and then have hives.  But recently, cats have been around me and it hasn't bugged me much, but I still kept my distance. Then, when the cat ran in the apartment, I touched it just to see, and I didn't get hives or whatever else so I was confused. Then I played with a new baby kitten and I didn't have any sickness at all.  It was so sweet to see the blessing of strength provided from the Lord. It may seem a little lame to some, but for me, it was a big deal.  The Lord has strengthened my weaknesses just as promised in Ether.

Sorry I am short on time, but love you guys, and thanks for raising me well.  It really shows here as I see the choices of some missionaries. Again, I love you and thank you for the support.

Elder Wawro



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