Monday, September 26, 2016

Griffin Brown's Old Area!

This internet cafe stinks, so I don't think any pictures will go through.  :(

Alrighty, another week down in the wonderful land of Sunyani.  :)

Well, as the Lord would have it, I have been called to Griffin Brown's old area.  How sweet is that?!  I am meeting some members who remember him and who were taught by him which is so cool! When I say that I am from Texas, people always ask about Elder Brown!  It is super sweet! :)

This week in Zone Council I arrived, and here - when you are new to a zone - you bear your testimony, so I walk in and my name is on the board under testimonies as "E. Warrol" :)  Hahaaaahahahahaa! It was hilarious and Elder Pryor felt bad, but I assured him it was okay because I thought it was hilarious! :)

Mom sent me the list of scriptures for "Doctrinal Mastery" last week, so I spent a lot of time marking those scriptures that I hadn't marked.  For all the kids in Seminary, you better memorize these scriptures, because 90% of them every single missionary uses to teach investigators!  It was funny to read the list and see like 70 of the scriptures we use in almost every single lesson! Some of them even surprised me that they were not part of the former 'scripture mastery'.  So for all you seminary students who are planning on serving a mission, going to seminary and memorizing those scriptures will help you to ward off all those who think they can confound you with their doctrine.  :)

I took some pictures of normal houses in Ghana this week, just for my memory and for everyone else's benefit to see how blessed Americans really are.  :)

Last Monday we went to Ma Jerah's home in Abesim, just 20 minutes down the road, and it was really fun! Some Mondays we travel here and hang out, laugh, learn some Twi, and EAT A TON OF FOOD. I don't think I have ever been legitimately scared of food my whole mission, but for this plate of rice... it was like 6 inches off the plate and that was only the appetizer for the banku... for me and Elder Moyo, we couldn't finish the rice, and definitely not the banku... It was suuuper fun!  :)

I am loving getting to know Elder Moyo and Elder Isaako!!  They are both really funny by themselves but even more-so when they are around each other! Elder Moyo is my go-to guy for advice because he goes home in a month or so, so I am learning from him for sure! :)

I have really been studying the Old Testament because I want to read the whole standard works while I am here on my mission. Re-reading the  Old Testament is sweet, especially because I have forgotten a lot of the stories, so it is fun to learn again, but I definitely feel the difference from reading the Bible and reading the Book of Mormon. The Bible is sometimes hard to understand, but for the Book of Mormon, just as Elder Bednar said, is so much clearer for everyone to understand!  And I too can testify of that because it is totally true! :)

Well for this week, I am exercising patience.  And a lot of what I have been studying about this week is patience. When a challenge arises, I just go straight to the scriptures and have some alone time to feel the peace that comes from the scriptures.  And for me this week, I can truly testify of the peace and joy that comes from reading the Book of Mormon.  Like it says in the New Testament, Romans or Corinthians, that we should rejoice in our trials because it will bring patience, and patience brings experience, and experience brings hope, which will help us for the next trial. And if all is bad, I cannot complain, for I am surely learning.  Being optimistic and having patience in my life have surely come from my reading of the scriptures, because I know I could not do this on my own. It is very strange to see the change.  Giving your life to Heavenly father definitely changes you.

Love you guys, and see ya next week!

Elder Wawro

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