Monday, October 24, 2016

From October 17th

Update from last week - posting twice today to catch up.  :)

I am on and from now on I get 1.5 hours every single week!!  :)

With my next companion hopefully I will be on at 2pm every single week. B ut we shall see what the future has in store.... Sorry about the crazy life schedule, hopefully soon it will change!

Thank you for the sweet update! The Church is true, and God looks out for us always!  I wish I could write more, but I am running out of time!

Alrighty, time to knock out another weekly email!

First off, this week we had the painters come all the way from Accra to paint our apartment Tuesday.  It was sweet and our apartment really needed some help in the paint department. Turns out, it was the same guy who painted my apartment in Nkoransa, so that was fun to see him again. :)

This Wednesday, we had our Zone council and President Cosgrave showed up.  It is always funny to see people get super nervous about President coming, but when he shows up, the discussions are much more focused and everything runs smoothly, and most of the awkward or lame questions don't come up  We had an interview afterwards to talk about my life and my situation and it was so helpful. He interviewed me and then my companion, so we both got some counsel. We talked about a lot of stuff in my interview and it lasted for 15-20 minutes, but afterwards, I felt so relieved. And now, my companion and I are getting along much better as we have heeded the advice of our mission President.  We had a powerful companionship inventory.


"Harmattan" (a dry, dusty easterly or northeasterly wind on the West African coast, occurring from December to February.) has officially begun.  It is one of 2 seasons in Ghana. There is rainy season and Harmattan season. IT IS POWERFUL.  I am so glad to spend my Harmattan in Sunyani for sure. The weather currently is like Texas weather - a little more humid, but it is bright, a little cooler, and a nice cool breeze every few minutes makes life awesome.  The dust in the air messes with my throat a little, but it is worth it for the decreased humidity and blocking out the sun for a little while. This morning I was enjoying the morning, I opened my window and sat listening to some music and loving the cool breeze in our room.  It reminded me of the summer mornings in Texas.

I cut my hair today, which as interesting. I didn't go the route I went last time with the "faux-hawk", but I just trimmed up the sides and it turned out pretty well.  I had Elder Isaako help me in the back because I can't see there very well, and everything is better! That was one thing President said somehow jokingly during our interview, but really meant it, so I had to cut it!  :)

I changed the filters for our water this week.... I swear they haven't been changed in a year... yikes, but everything is running sweet and clean! 

In zone council, we watched "Missionary Work and the Atonement" and the Spirit that was there while we watched was so strong.  I had seen it before, but there was something that really hit home, especially now that I am a missionary and ask some of the same questions.  One scripture that popped into my head was about taking up our crosses and following Christ.  Matthew 16:24 says "If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up the cross, and follow me." I love this scripture because it speaks to me and tells me that no matter what I go through, Jesus Christ has already suffered for me. I can take up my cross and follow Christ because he has already suffered the pains I am feeling, and all I have to do is trust in Him and rely on His grace to get through. This really touched my heart, especially as I am struggling with some difficult things in life, and the Spirit truly helped me understand that I am not alone. Let us all lean on Christ. Take up the cross and follow Him because no trial in our life should be faced alone.  This is my thought in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love you guys,

Elder Wawro


Since the internet isn't always great in the internet cafe' they use, the pictures we post don't coincide with the email for the day.  Most of these pictures seem to coincide with the email from October 4th HERE.

Gabe said he wanted to take and send pictures of how people in Ghana live, so that we can see the difference in the U.S. and appreciate where we live, because it's very different.

Gabe liked how he showed up for a meeting and his name was spelled "E. Warrol" on the board.  LOL!

Trying his hand at making fufu

Meetings and watching General Conference

This is our sachet water (sashey)  
You just bite a hole in a corner and drink it.
It's become pretty normal for me.  :)


So this is what Gabe was talking about, that Ghanaians don't play Basketball.  LOL!

Part 1

Part 2

A spider video...especially for Brittan.  Ha ha!

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