Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Cat Adventures

What a week I have had, and sorry in advance about the keyboard I am using...

First, last week we had a district activity making fufu! We have sisters in our district, so we don't do many sporting activities, but I don't mind that much! It was pretty fun and we spent like 3 or 4 hours doing it!  :) Also, today we had an activity at our chapel watching, "The Other Side of Heaven" as a district, so that was fun as well!

I saw some huge turkeys (for Ghana at least) and it was a sweet sight! I never thought I would be so happy to see a turkey!

As I flipped through the area book for my area, I found a few records from Elder Griffin Brown! How sweet is that?!?!?!  Still amazes me how the Lord works!  :)

We have these 3-wheeled motorcycles that ride all over the place, so this week we saw one headed towards Odumase and he said that we could hop on!  So he drove us just for a few minutes back into our proselyting town and it was so sweet.  I couldn't get the smile off my face! It reminded me of riding motorcycles back home, which I dearly miss, especially because there are TONS of motorcycles here!

We had a member feed us this past Saturday, and they made a HUGE FUFU. It filled the entire bowl it came in, and the bowl is a little bigger than a basketball, and it was massive.  My companion doesn't like chicken, so it was just me, Elder Moyo (who is skinnier than me, and Elder Isaako (Polynesian), but nevertheless, we started to eat. I was the last one at the bowl, but there were still 2 huge balls of fufu left, and I felt bad for leaving.  But I think I would have felt worse if they had to roll me to the roadside to get me home, so we left, full of fufu! And the next morning, I did not feel hungry at all!  :)

We saw some really sick rabbits this week which was strange because I have not seen a rabbit in Ghana yet, but these ones made me sad because they were really sick...you could even feel their bones.  :(  Brittan would not have liked to be there for sure!  :((

On Monday, I bought a MASSIVE mount of vegetables, so I have been eating relatively healthy his week as I make omelets loaded with veggies almost everyday.  :)

Today, I got to play basketball for the first time in Kumasi!  We played at this nice hotel called EUSBETT HOTEL and it had a sweet court! We met with most of our zone there and it was so fun!!!  I miss seeing a bunch of missionaries each week, but I really love getting to know each missionary in our zone personally because we see the same people all the time.

Sorry the internet and this keyboard stink, but my companion doesn't like going into town where the nicer internet cafe is at, so we have to go to this small shop by us that's only about the size of my room and a half, and the internet is terrible.  So, maybe in a few weeks when we do, you'll get a flood of pictures.  :)

Lastly, we got to watch conference at the Estates Center in Sunyani which I LOVED. There is no feeling like listening to the prophet speak in real life at real time. There were a ton of members there for the beginning session (Saturday morning session) but most people left at 12. For us as missionaries, most stayed until 4pm to get the live stream and it was amazing! I had a million things stick out to me, but what I really noticed was 2 things...reaching out to others in need, and about the power of the Book of Mormon for those who are willing to open their hearts to its message.  I too will add my testimony to the power of the Book of Mormon. I can feel the difference as I read the Book of Mormon.  It is a rush, a pressure, a desire to read, an enlightenment.  I don't know that I can explain it, but I know that it is true. And truly I can say as many others have said, "Truly there is a prophet in Israel".  I too can testify of the Spirit speaking to me as I truly listened to the messages of the prophet and the Lord's apostles. And the same is waiting for you if you will but open your heart and receive it.

Love you guys,

Elder Wawro

-Gabe's internet is usually quite slow, so his pictures don't ever upload to Dropbox as fast as he'd like.  That's why the pictures don't always coincide with the letter.  :)
We don't complain - we LOVE any and all pictures and video!

It's crazy to hear Gabe's accent - you can tell he's been in Ghana a long time!

Catching a Cat!  There sure seem to be a lot of animals that run through their place...

Pranking Elder Davis!
(Woke him from a nap to tell him that the mission President was in their apartment, so he rushed to go get a tie on.  At the end of the day, missionaries are still boys who like to prank each other and laugh.  LOL!  See sleeping pictures above...)

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