Monday, October 24, 2016

Transferred After Just 6 Weeks!

Oopsies... I have to type fast because I've got lots to do! hahahha!

The internet is going really fast today, so hopefully it will come through this time ! :)

In a package in the future, can you add in some pretzels? I am missing them a lot! Strange things that I miss, I know... :)  No worries if they come broken, I will eat them any way shape and form they come!

Well, what a crazy week it has been for sure!

First off, this week we had exchanges with the zone leaders which was fun! We taught this guy who didn't really understand the principle of marriage, so we were helping him out with that, and then they had to leave unexpectedly for another call. Short sweet and to the point exchanges!  :)

Well.  I have got some crazy news...we had our transfer call this week, and turns out I am going to the other side of Ghana to Mpraeso near Nkawkaw!  :)  I will be training a new missionary from the Provo MTC so that will be sweet as well!  I am super nervous about the assignment, but if it is the Lord's plan for me, then I will follow.  It will be a little different in Mpraeso, it is in the mountain, so it is a little colder there than most of Ghana, and it will be Harmattan, so it will be dusty and a little cooler from that as well.  Most missionaries say that internet is a little interesting there, so next email time will be interesting.  :)  I hope that all goes well for the both of us. I will love to give my new companion a big hug and get to know him throughout our many hours of travel to the mountains!  :) I hope I can help in his training and help him to become a powerful missionary.  I am really nervous though....

Repacking was a pain, but I guess I get a little better at packing every time I do it, so that is good.  It is strange that I have only come for 6 weeks and then will go again since my companion has been here for 6 months, but I am way excited to go and adventure in the mountains!  :)))

We took pictures as an apartment which turned out to be really great, and some are really hilarious!  They'll show up soon...

I ordered some "Angelina" ties and a scripture bag this week from one of the members in Nkwabeng, so hopefully in November I will get them.  They look SUPER SWEET and can be washed as well! I am waaaay excited to get them when they are done.  :)

Not much different this week, it seemed like a normal week to me, but the transfer call is what was crazy!!!  Next email will be full of our travels and tons of pictures! :)

This week, I shared an awesome scripture I found in Moroni 7:29-32.  It talks about the calling of being an angel, but it is nearly identical to the calling of missionaries.  Talking about ministering under the command of God, calling men to repentance, declaring the Word of God to those who have faith, bearing testimony of Christ, etc... It was really a booster to my testimony of the importance of the calling of being a missionary. To think that I have been called to do similar work like the angels.

Love you guys, and sorry it is a short one!

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