Tuesday, June 6, 2017

5/29/17 "Maburay (I am tired)"

What an interesting week, seriously!!

Well, I made no-bake-cookies for Elder Morford's last day in Obuasi, complete with real Peanut butter and hot chocolate powder.  It was pretty sweet. hahahaaa, punny right? :)  It has been a long long time since I have made no-bakes, and who better to make them for than my buddy.  :)

I found some sweet gum this week that has those stick on tattoos inside, kinda reminds me of the Fruit Stripes gum and Sister Foster from my childhood!  Good memories, and how funny I found some stick-on tattoos in Ghana!  :)

Hallelujah we had transfers this week. Elder Kanu has gone to Techiman, and I have received my companion, Elder Ajike. He is from Abia State in Nigeria. He is really sweet, he has a stutter, but it doesn't affect him too much when we are teaching which is a miracle I would say.  :) We have a 2.5 hour Metro Mass ride (barely an upgrade from tro-tros) to Obuasi from Kumasi, and about 1 hour into it, he leaned over and slept on my lap for sometime because he was tired. He is a touchy-feely kinda guy, someone who talks with connection I guess, which is a little different for me, but I have many things to learn! :) Hahahahaaa

We have been teaching this lady, Sister Michealina. She was an investigator for a long time taught by other missionaries, and she just came to church 2 weeks ago after she felt like she needed to come. We taught her and asked her to pray about what we shared, and told her we would follow up later. We came a few days later, and she told us about her dream. It was pretty personal, so I wont share it now, but maybe at a later date, but it was a pretty powerful testimony of which church she needed to join. We have been teaching her, and she is awesome!

Our Sacrament attendance this week was also sweet! We had 5 investigators at church, and 3 of them were brand new investigators which was so sweet!  :) A few sisters that live near one our our members.  So that was awesome to see them at church.  We visited them after church and they said they loved the teaching at church, how everything was, the hymn (which is a normal comment because almost every church here plays music, dances and sings at church), and they said it is now their church!  :) Life is sweet here!


I was reading about the faith of Nephi this week in the Book of Mormon. What a powerful testimony he has of keeping the commandments. I read in the beginning about when Nephi and his brothers are commanded to go to Jerusalem to retrieve the plates of brass (the scriptures) from the wicked King Laban. I love the faith Nephi had going into the whole adventure (1 Nephi 3:7). He was definitely the leader among his brothers, even if they didn't respect him. Then, after they tried once (1Nephi 3:13), a little faith was lost by his brothers, but they still continued on after a little faith-boost by Nephi. The second time, they have a pretty solid plan to go and trade their precious belongings for the plates, but that also fails (1Nephi 3:24-25). The brothers loose their marbles and beat Nephi and his righteous brother Sam with a rod. An angel comes, chastises his older brothers, and yet they continued to murmur. Through all of this, Nephi is still able to keep peace with his brothers, give them another faith-booster, and finally, they stop at the walls of Jerusalem, and Nephi continues on not knowing beforehand where he should go. But putting his faith in the Lord, he went, not really sure where or how it was going to be possible, but he went. And in the end, everything worked out according to the Lord's timing. We also must keep the commandments, even if they seem impossible, or too difficult to do. The Lord has a plan for us to succeed always.

Elder Wawro


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