Tuesday, June 6, 2017

5/8/17 Nuaberma = Brother (Wish I knew the plural form...)

This has been a good week!

We started with a district activity Monday night. Nothing too crazy, something chill, we watched a movie and ate some small food. Nothing too exciting, but soon we will go hiking! :D

We have begun our rainy season! It has rained almost everyday for the past week, today we haven't had any, but at night we got TONS. I love the rainy season, it is wonderful and sometime I get cold.  Hahahaha! :)

I went on an exchanges with Elder Crowley this week which was great, I loved my time with him. We took a lot of pictures, but this computer isn't accepting my camera so we will take it like that. It was a good Day to celebrate Star Wars Day though, Elder Austin wore the Yoda socks he got from me that day which was was also pretty sweet! :)

Made taco soup this week with fajita seasoning, a little different, but it was SUCH A GREAT TASTE OF HOME SERIOUSLY. Hahahaaa! :) We ate it with bread a few days and finished it with rice. Nothing better than mom's taco soup in Ghana!

We met this sweet guy Evans this week . He has potential to be really powerful, so we will see him tomorrow! :) He is really funny and owns an MTN Mobile Money shop, so he is usually free. When we met he kept saying "wow, my Spirit is going deep today" as we answered a few of his questions.  :)

I have gotten pretty close to the Zone Leaders in the apartment these past few weeks, they have really been a stress relief for me, and it is a priceless gift to have them there when I am stressed. I am gaining more and more brothers as I serve here, there is nothing better. They got me a pizza for my birthday with a sweet note on the front and we stayed up and talked for a while last night which was a good stress relief. I love those guys. :)

I had the chance to give a priesthood blessing this week, which is always a wonderful experience. That is the focus of this email today and one of the highlights of my week. We have a less active guy who asked for a blessing from us, and as I was giving the blessing, I really felt the Lord was speaking through me to him. Always a great reminder to be worthy at all times to give blessings to those in need, I feel no greater joy then to know I was an instrument in the Lord's hand to carry out His blessing. There is no better service than the service of the Lord.

Love you guys, and a shoutout to G-Pops for a happy happy birthday! :)

p.s.  Because Mother's Day is a Sunday, we can't Skype.  I can call Sunday evening or we can Skype Saturday at 6pm so we don't break the Sabbath.

Love you all! :)

Elder Wawro

Mom:  Yesterday was Gabe's birthday, so to celebrate him we got a bunch of quarters and $1 bills, typed the note below and attached money to it in a ziploc bag, and spread a little Gabe love all around Denton...Dollar Tree, Sonic, Kroger, Target, and quarters at Aldi for the shopping carts.  It was fun leaving and watching people's reactions as we saw them pick it up and read it.  :)  Gabe loved it and said, "This is the best gift ever!  I love it!"  So proud of our young man - happy birthday, sweet boy!

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