Saturday, July 8, 2017

06-19-17 "Kafra, Twi asaa - My twi is finished... sorry"

This week has been pretty great!  We visited our District Center which is being built near our apartment, and it is going really fast! The only delay is the rain, seriously it rains almost everyday! It is so crazy, but every time it is not raining, there are people there working. Is is so gorgeous, but I think I will be gone before it finishes. They said October, which really means November, so I will be sad to miss that! I also heard rumor that the Anglo Gold Ashanti mines will be opening soon, around August, and I believe it because there are a lot of Oburonis here now. I am pumped! :)

Sister Jane made us nice KoKonte yesterday. I love it when members feed us because I  can't prepare the Ghana food that well. KoKonte is cassava flour that had some added water, and is "driven" in the pot on the fire at a rapid pace. It is pretty soft, and they call it the brother to fufu, but I like KoKonte better ONLY IF it is prepared correctly. That is the only problem, if it isn't done well, it is not good... Yikes! :) 

I got to do some more baptismal interviews this week, one for Elder Crowley and Elder George, and the other for the Zone Leaders investigator. Both were really awesome. It is so interesting interviewing people for baptism. I think of it like me being a guardian for those who are baptized. Super sweet, I love it! :) Both of the interviewees were baptized on Saturday, so that was awesome, and we were able to make it to both baptism services, so blessed :)

Our attendance at Sacrament was pretty great, we had Michealina and her whole family, and also a household of people who came, meaning that they all stay in the same family house. We are surely blessed here. They are all planning to be baptized on July 22nd, I am way excited!  :D

We had a sweet Zone activity this week, we hiked way up to the top of a mountain here, and got to see some sweet waterfalls. WORTH IT.  More about it next week!  (Photo below)

We had a super sweet experience this week. We were on the way to an appointment with one of our investigators, and right before his house, this woman called for us as "Elders!" so she knew us for sure. She then told us she was a member, but had stopped coming to church. We told her we would be back in about 20 minutes because we had to see our investigator. We came back, she grabbed us some chairs, and we got to talking. She had some issue with some members and her Bishop in her last ward, and when she moved to Obuasi, she stopped church because of some of her feelings. So we talked to her about it and invited her to church. She decided to wait until next week because she was traveling. But, we told her if she couldn't go, that she should try to come. We came to church, and she wasn't there.  I really wasn't too surprised, but then at the end of church, SHE WAS THERE AT THE DOOR WAITING FOR US!  :D  We showed her to the Branch President so they could talk about what they could do to help her.  When she came out, she was sooo happy, and relieved, almost like a burden was moved from her. It was such a sweet experience!  :)  I am so happy we were in the right place at the right time, God really is directing us.

I know this is pretty short, but I took a ton of pictures!!!  So maybe someday you will get them!  :)


In the mountains on our zone activity

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