Saturday, July 8, 2017

July 3rd - 4th "Yesu fre me ko Kumasi bio (Jesus has called me to Kumasi again!)"

July 3rd:

I am only on for about 20 will be weird, I will complete my time in the evening, so I just have small time to email back, but feel free to email back, I will check in a few hours. 

Well, I have my transfer news. I am going on Wednesday to go and be a zone leader with Elder Burdge. I am sad to leave Obuasi, and super nervous to go and serve as a zone leader, but I wanted you to know so that I might get some advice from you before the day is over.  :)

Elder Wawro  :)

July 4th:

Sorry, doing like a million things at the moment, but yes I am on for like 1 hour. If we get a call for fufu though, I will let you know and we will come back in the evening to email for the rest of our time!  :)

My new companion will be Elder Burdge. I think he's from Utah, and he was in the same MTC group as Elder Vuakatagane, so he will be going home in November I think, maybe even late October. All I know about him is that he trained my MTC group guy, Elder Yates, and they had a great time together. I know he loves Star Wars, and most everyone likes him, so I think it will be good.  :)  I will be in an apartment with 4 Americans which will be very odd. I will be with Elder Hepworth, Elder White, and Elder Burdge too, so we will see how that goes.  :) I will leave tomorrow for transfers, I will be running the crew going to Kumasi, and then I will run a little of the crew at transfers so that will be weird.  I have training for Zone leaders tomorrow at 3pm with the new zone leaders and President Cosgrave, so I am pumped for that!  :) I will be in KNUST part of Kumasi, it is where the big college is in Kumasi. I heard they have a lot of FM's there, and that sounds good to me! :)  hahaaaa! :)  (FM's = free meals.  LOL!)

(Mission leadership is District Leader, then Zone Leader, then Assistant).  Yeah, I have no idea how it will be with Americans!  Maybe good, definitely different! :)  ha ha ha

Here's how it happened...I just got a call, President told me I was moving to be a zone leader in UST and that was it.  I was sad to go because we have 6 baptisms planned in three weeks, and I feel like I won't be the best zone leader ever and that I am not cut for the job, but over time, I have felt better about it!  :)  Typically, I will be in zone leader training for two transfers, but Elder Burdge has been there for 3 or 4 transfers, so most likely, I will get a new companion after this transfer.  The part of town is just considered UST, I think our house is in a place called Kwamo??  No idea, maybe later I will know.  :)

Weekly Email:

Holy crazy week, and sorry this is on a Tuesday. Yesterday was so crazy. I got my transfer news to go to Kumasi again, and so it was my last week to go to the Obuasi market. When we got to town, literally no ATMs were working, so that was fun. Finally, everybody gathered at the GCB and that one had a working ATM, so we waited in line for an hour and a half to get our money, and right after I pulled, the machine ran out of money. Blessing for me... Sorry for all those who were behind me... :) So, we went from there to the house to drop off our stuff we got at the market, and then ran to the cafe to meet the Zone leaders to take us to the member who called us to come for a birthday for his son.  So we had like zero time because of the ATM deal, so I am sorry.

To start from last week, Monday, we spent the morning with the Dearing's (the new couple in the mission) golfing at the golf course in Obuasi. It was so fun!!! :) I am awful at golfing, but Elder Dearing showed me the ropes, and we played. It was fun!  I was pretty bad, but I had a great time, even if they were laughing at me sometimes!  hahahaha

We had some issues with our water this week too. Our landlord has been connected to our water supply in our poly tank. He has his own pump and his own tank, but he has been using ours for the last 2 months which has been annoying because his pump broke. Then, this week, the city stopped supplying water to us, and he used most of the water, so we bathed with little sachets of water, and I guess I bathed and shaved with 3 liters of water. Heck.  Yes.  Who is the master. ha ha ha ha! We called a few guys at the mission home, and everything has worked out pretty great since then!  :)

My companion and I got these sweet scripture bags made out of some fake leather snake skin looking stuff. They are pretty sweet, they have some...character... but overall they look sweet and work fine for my scriptures!  :)

Also, I am getting transferred to be a zone leader in UST zone with Elder Burdge. He will be my first American, and our apartment will be a house full of Americans! That will be waaay weird! :)  I am excited, but nervous as usual, it is a huge responsibility, and I have some big shoes to fill, so I am praying for help and strength from the Lord.

Lastly, this week, we had a POWERFUL branch activity. It wasn't planned that well, but it turned out to be a hit!  We had a lot of different games there that were played, a movie for the kids, some fun group games, and food at the end!  It was awesome, and we had such a great time. I am bummed that I will be leaving though, I will miss all those times!  :(  But, that is missionary work for ya.  :)

My thought for the week is from 1 Nephi 17:35 about the righteous:

35 Behold, the Lord esteemeth all flesh in one; he that is righteous is favored of God.

There is more to the scripture, but this is the part that stuck out to me so much, that I have thought about for this whole week. It is just that simple. God created us all as equals. He loves every single one of his children. The catch is, we just have to be righteous, and we will be favored of God. We will receive more blessings and be closer to God as we are continually righteous. Just like Dad would say, "Faith and Obedience and the Lord will be with you". I guess this would be the scriptural companion to that quote, at least one of many.  Righteousness is the only way!


Elder Wawro


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