Monday, July 24, 2017

"Service, exchanges, a baptism, and a whole lot of sickness"

This week has been so weird. We didn't get to do a lot because Elder Burdge was feeling sick, but I will run over the few things we were able to make it to.

First, as an apartment, we went to help one of our members in their nursery. We cut like 400,000,000 million bags to put small plants in for a few hours. She had some really cool plants called Azuras? Anyways, she gave me 2 of them which I will plant soon! :)

Thursday I went on an exchange with Elder Hepworth which was pretty sweet! He is hilarious, and he goes home in 2 weeks, so I am enjoying our last few weeks together! :) We found a ton of less actives in a matter of minutes which was really crazy, and then some lady offered to feed us fufu.  It. Was. A. Great. Day.

Saturday we had a baptism for the sisters in our district. I got to perform the baptism which is always awesome. It was a little last minute to tell me to baptize, but it all worked out in the end and it was GREAT!

On Sunday, we missed church because Elder Burdge was really sick. We got some tests run, and I will let you know what his sickness is next week after his mom finds out!  :) hahahahahhaaa! :)

This week I was studying about Abinadi and how he teaches. One thing I really love about his way of teaching is his boldness. He has no fear as long as he is in the service of the Lord, he doesn't fear those around him who do have the power to take away his life. I also love that he was prepared before he went to the king. He had been studying his scriptures and listening for the voice of the Lord to guide him and to help him deliver his message.  And lastly, I LOVE that he always testifies of Christ. Throughout the entirety of his message, he always refers to the Messiah and His power in our lives. It is wonderful, and there is truly a lot that I can learn as a missionary on how to be a better teacher!  :)

Love you all,

Elder Wawro


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