Monday, October 2, 2017


This week was awesome.

To start the week off, I GOT A TON OF LETTERS FROM GRANDMA.  One of my favorite things ! :) Love you Grandma!

I also learned how to make vegetable stew from one of our members who is an amazing cook. Hope I can get it right so I can make it when I get back! :) We also made our tomato stew this morning for the week, and it smells delicious. Tomato stew is somehow like spaghetti sauce, but a little more sweet, and a little less flavor.  It is nice anyhow.  :)

Elder Burdge had his birthday this week also, we had to go to Mampng because the Elders there needed some help with their bikes, so we went up, taught a few lessons together and got everything worked out for them, hallelujah. We celebrated by getting a pizza before we went home, which was sweet! He had a ton of people call in and wish him a happy birthday, so he really loved that. :)

We had exchanges with the assistants this week too which was great, always good times with those guys. I went with Elder Nygren (who I just replaced in Kwamo) and Elder Burdge went with Elder Motloung. They are both really powerful missionaries, and it was so fun to be with them!  :) Learned a lot of good things, and have some new ideas to bring to the area, so it was successful!

We had the chance to do a lot of unplanned service this week also! We got to help bishop clean up his mango trees and bring the branches out of his compound, and did a little sweeping.  Then, yesterday, we helped one of our single mothers and her children to tie up their bag of charcoal, and we had a blast!  One of her daughters is an investigator of ours, and they were really happy we could help them out! :)))))) Service is seriously my favorite thing ever!

Seeing a picture of our home in Texas...oh yes.  I have lived in some small places here.  No complaints though, I have been eternally humbled to see the people of Ghana who literally have nothing in their house (which is one concrete room with no light and no fan) and still be happy.  But goodness, seriously...what a day it will be when I can get up and take a hot shower and drive my own car to the donut store!  :)  hahaha!

For my thought this week, we had a really cool experience. We were in a part of our area, Fumesua, and we don't have a ton of people there because it is a relatively small area. Anyways, last month, I had the chance to meet this woman named "A" on the way back from Zone Conference. We happened to get in the same tro back home (which is seriously a miracle because getting in the same tro at that time of night is horrifying). We had bad traffic, so we got to talk about the gospel and such with her, and she said we should call and meet her.  Well, we called a few times, and she either didn't have time or didn't pick our call. We were in Fumesua Saturday and I had the feeling to just give her a call at least to see how she is, and she said she was free all day! So we met her, and we had a great lesson. She has been searching for a church, because her last church's pastor wanted to have an affair with her, and she said HECK NO. So that is awkward. Then she went to another church and she didn't like the teachings there, so she was praying to find a church to go to, and we gave her a call. How awesome is that! She committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, and said she would pray.  We set another appointment for Saturday and we are seriously so excited! Just another reminder to me about how important the Spirit is in missionary work. If I had not been listening, she would still be searching for the truth. Truly a humbling experience. I love being a missionary, it is so so so so so awesome.


Elder Wawro


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