Tuesday, October 3, 2017

9/11/17 - Another Week in Kwamo

This week has been rather uneventful as compared to my other weeks, so it may be short. I am also at the computer with a broken space bar, so sorry in advance!  :) 
(Mom: don't worry, I clean up the emails before posting.  LOL!)

This week, we had MLC again, and it was awesome as always. We were instructed about how to be better leaders by example and how to give correction to missionaries who need it. It was so great, and definitely learned all about charity and love, as well as firmness and obedience. It is so interesting to see how big the difference is in a missionary's life just by obedience to the mission rules and having a positive attitude about the work.  Seriously, miracles happen with a positive mind and a desire to follow God's commandments.

We designed some zone shirts this week which should be awesome.  We will pick them up tonight, but they are pretty simple, and I got to design them on Photoshop which is really interesting since it has been ages since I used photoshop!  :)

We got some more bread from Mama Blessing this week too! She is seriously so sweet! She made us 2 loaves of wheat bread and some little wheat rolls from her bakery. They were dang nice too, i ate like 9 of the 12... Oops... But they were delicious!  :)

We are planning to baptize Sis. Carrine and Sis. Rebecca this week. They are sisters, and they have been coming to church a ton, even before I came, so they are excited.  It is always fascinating to me to hear how they got their answers to their prayers to know if what we share is true. One said she just felt like"YES" and the other said that it just feels right to her. We are pretty excited to have their baptism, especially as this will be the last for Elder Burdge before he goes home on the 26th.

Last, we watched the Restoration video with Rebecca and Carrine and their family, and it was a very spiritual experience for us. We started the movie, and I was full of the Spirit. Just felt like it was coursing through my body. Anyways, as we watched, it was dead silent for most of the time, and then as we got to the actual First Vision, the Spirit was so strongin the room. Just a continual testimony to me that Joseph Smith is the prophet of the Restoration, and that we are all blessed because of his simple prayer.  I will leave the link to watch the video, especially for those who may not be members, to at least watch this video, and prayerfully open your heart to its message. It is 20 minutes of time, but I know it can change a life.



Elder Wawro


When you're sick and aren't leaving home, this is the opposite of a clean-shaven missionary.  LOL!  They definitely cleaned up when feeling better and going out in public.  Five days growth for Elder Wawro; four days for Elder Burdge.

American donuts from a new mall in Kumasi!

When you've gotta clean blinds but you can't reach the top...  
You sit on Gabe's shoulders.  LOL 

Mosquito Nets

His version of Taco Salad?

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