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10/02/17 - No Email, Pictures Only

(Mom:  The Ghana internet gave out today so we didn't get much from Gabe, but his pictures DID go through so we'll share those)
UPDATE:  He shared last week's email with us, so I've added and updated the original posting.

Adjuma Hyease
This week has been amazing. Sad to send Elder Burdge home this Monday, but we have kicked off the week with some fun!
I spent Tuesday with Elder Ajike and Elder White in Ejisu which was pretty fun, we saw a few people and some members, had some great food, then came home so Elder Ajike could pack some things. Nothing terribly exciting on Tuesday, but a fun time with Elder White and Ajike.
Wednesday was nuts! It was transfer day, so we headed out the door by 8 to be there by 9. We arrived and the day begun, I was paying for taxis for the zone members, shipping people off to their new areas and getting to see a lot of new faces. The longer I am here, the less people I know which is really weird to think. I feel like I just got here! Anyways, I spent most of the day at Metro Mass, where the bus drivers were on strike this week, so it was pretty crowded with tro tros to take people where they needed to go. Good business for the tro tros though : )  We had a new zone leader training for Elder Erickson at 3 which we went to and then they fed us and sent us on our way!  : ) We had a good amount of traffic on the way back, but eventually we arrived back home.
Thursday was awesome, it was one of the few times on my mission where my new companion was just ready to get out there and work right from the get go. Elder Erickson is awesome, and he is such a hard worker! We have had some serious success thus far. We had a ton of people just come out of the woodwork as we both set our minds to work our hardest. We had a great couple of days together!
Had my mission miracle this week. We taught this woman named Cynthia and she is Ghanaian. She said she lives with an Obroni, so that was cool. We had a good lesson and she said she would come to church with us. We called her again on Saturday and she said we were welcome to come! Anyways, we went and we met her husband. We have seen him from a distance, but this time it was up close and personal! I was low key terrified to talk to him, most Obronis are somehow rude and don't like to talk to or greet you here. But he was really nice, and sat in with us in the lesson. He has been here for 4 years now, and he has seen us before walking around. We had a pretty powerful lesson and gave him a Book of Mormon. He likewise committed to come to church which was conference day). AND. HE. CAME. TO. CHURCH. WITH. HIS. BOOK. OF. MORMON. Holy awesome, first time I have ever heard of someone having an Obroni come to church ever! : ) It was great, and he said he would come again next week and that we could meet him on Saturday. Kwamo really is the promised land!
We also taught Sister Sofia’s family this week again. This time we sat with the father and he really is deadset on his own belief even when we show him what the scriptures say and how it really should be. He was rather stubborn, so we are sad for that, but we will try again this week and try a new approach to get him to understand! 
General conference was awesome. I was a little distracted dealing with kids and making sure everything was going alright, so I missed a few talks, but there were a few themes that I saw that were really meaningful to me.
1.     Serving others
2.     Being humble no matter your circumstance
3.     Sustaining your church leaders
4.     Staying faithful to your covenants
It is interesting to see what the church really needs to hear and improve on throughout the world.  My favorite topic was about serving others and doing good to all men. There are so many blessings promised to those who live their lives serving others. As a missionary, we serve all day in the service of the Lord, but this theme of conference was especially meaningful to me. I will be looking for more opportunities every day to serve someone one way or another. I love the feelings I get when I am serving people, and I know that as we do so with a pure heart, we will be filled with Charity. May we all follow the counsel of our prophet to reach out to someone in need and serve them.
Elder Wawro


With is new companion, Elder Erickson.  He REALLY likes serving with him!

Here's the nasty filter he mentioned a couple weeks back.  Yikes!

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