Monday, March 5, 2018

01-29-18 "Abusuaafoo - my family"

Another sweet week here in Kwamo, but looks like the last! I will be transferred to Abuakwa, Asuo Yeboah Zone to be with my guy, ELDER WHITE. How sweet is that?! We lived in the same apartment for 6 months, spent 6 weeks apart, and now will serve 6 weeks together before I go home!  :)  I am beyond excited!

We taught a man named Abednigo this week.  He came to church with one of our families, and he happened to be one of their nephews. We visited him after church and he was so grateful for us taking time to go and visit him. He took the message so well, and as he escorted us out, he said he was grateful that we had finally brought the truth to him, because he has been searching for a very long time for the truth and he finally felt like God answered his prayer when he visited us.  It is such a blessing to serve as a missionary, seriously.

Our recent convert, Emmanuel got us some leather bags made this week. It was such a wonderful thing, my bag is getting a little bit old, so I was looking for a new one and he said he would get it for me.  Elder Erickson also got one, but they are really good, and very strong.  I love it.  :)

A while back, I mentioned some things about Beatrice and her little brother Sammy. Well this week, he asked his mother again if he could be baptized, and she said yes and signed the form!  That was a miracle, and he will be baptized in February.

Well, I had my last Sunday as well, and I didn't even cry, how about that!  :)  hahaaa
I took like 100 pictures though with a bunch of my closest friends.  We got fed twice on Sunday and will get fed twice today as well, and tomorrow is my last day in Kwamo.  Luckily, I will be able to visit Kwamo before I go because it is in Kumasi and not too far away, hallelujah!  :)

We got a great question this week from one of our deacons named Seth, "how can I be my best self?"  This question prompted a lot of deep thinking.  My first thought came from Matthew 10:39:

39 He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.

My other thought came from the story of Nephi. When he was young, he was a good kid, but after he prayed (1 Nephi 2:16), he became a powerful example of faith and trusting in the Lord, no matter the challenge or trial. We tied that to ourselves, if we are able to give up our lives to the Lord and do all he asks with faith, then we are able to become "our best self", or better yet, who the Lord wants us to become.  Simply, if we are humble and obedient, then we can become instruments in God's hands.

I think of the account of Alma the Younger.  He had a very successful life, not really the Lord's way though. He had much success in the way he spoke and had close friends, he might have thought he was at his best. But, later in Mosiah we see that he had a mighty change of heart after an angel called him to repentance. He then spent the rest of his days  preaching the word of God and  repairing all the wrongs he had done to the church, and by doing so, he became who the Lord needed him to become. There is a lesson in these stories for each of us and how we can become our best selves, we can only learn them if we are reading the Book of Mormon!  :)

Love, Elder Wawro

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