Monday, March 5, 2018

01-08-18 "Hwe eye - Look well (be careful)"

Well this week has been pretty normal, nothing too crazy. We just finished up playing sports at the mission home today and it was a blast! We played soccer, basketball and volleyball. It was tons of fun, and makes me excited for all the YSA activities at home when I will get to play a bunch!

We had MLC this week, and it was awesome as usual. We focused a lot on our teaching skills and how we can improve. The spirit is always so strong at MLC, it is by far my favorite meeting as a missionary. We also had a great presentation about the life of President Monson, our prophet who recently passed away. He truly was a great man, and I wish that I could be a little more loving and caring like he was.

We had a few baptisms this week also, one for Emmanuel about 45 years old, then 2 brothers, Clifford and Cletus 10 and 8 years, and Nana Ama who is a member's daughter who has some health problems. It was such a great service, and always brings joy to me as we bring people to know the truth and see the changes in their lives. How wonderful is the Gospel.

I was sick again this week as well, it has been about the whole week I have had a cold. Sheesh it is annoying to be sick all the time. I used all my hankies blowing my nose for the week, so I had plenty to wash this week! :)  hahahaha But it is getting better, Elder Erickson spotted me some Nyquil and I got some much needed rest last night hallelujah.

I was able to read through President Monson's last few talks he gave in the past general conferences, especially the one about our choices. He says, “the door of history often hangs on small hinges” and related that to our lives and who we are to become.  It is the little things that we do now that determine our destiny. Even the smallest of choices can make all the difference in our lives. In another talk, he made mention of the same idea that even the smallest act of obedience can make all the difference in our lives. Our choice of righteousness or disobedience really does determine our destiny. That poses the question, ‘am I obedient to even the smallest of commands?’ ‘Where would I be if I did, and how would I be different?’ Our ability to choose is a gift and we are blessed to have the chance to choose eternal happiness, or misery, depending on our choices.  “May we always choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong."


Elder Wawro

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