Wednesday, May 18, 2016

10 Baptisms!

My time is really short so I will keep it brief! The internet is really slow here so my pictures and such aren't loading very fast, but hopefully some will come through!  Ugh. The internet is soooo slow.   I tried to put more pics and video on and cancel the less important ones. If the pics and videos would load faster, you could see more stuff I have done!

This week we had 10 baptisms!  It was really awesome and half of them are referrals from the members!   :) It was really awesome and even President was speechless when we told him! The Wardles and the Haladays came (senior couples) and they loved it!  :) It was really awesome.  The best part of my week was definitely the baptisms.  Everything went well except the baptisms started an hour late because we run on 'Ghana' time so that was fun... haha!  Testing my patience, but all is well.  My week was insane, we had to finish up the lessons with everybody and have our district leader interview everybody, but we got it all done.  :)  With the 10 baptisms, there was a family of 5 and the other 5 were investigators.  

We just came back from a zone soccer game which was really fun! It was the first time I have played soccer since the MTC so hopefully we will do that more often.  :)

So happy my package from home came.  If it's packaged correctly, it shouldn't go through customs.  I get 1 'freebie' where the mission home pays for it, but if any more come, I will have to pay customs... yikes.  I FINALLY GOT THE PACKAGE THOUGH!!!  And mom, I think everything you sent made it!  :)  (Including the pink honorary-groomsman tie from Carina's wedding!  See pictures below!)

Thanks for sending a second package - I can't wait to get it.  THANK YOU AND I AM PUMPED.  Zone council is every 2nd Tuesday of the month, so if you send a package the last week of the month, I should be able to get it at zone council.  :)


Anyways, I also gave myself a haircut last Monday which was interesting since the hair clippers died halfway through the hair cut (sorry Kevin) so I will have to purchase some here at Melcoms which will be a little expensive, but not too bad!  :)

Derek, to answer your email - YES I MISS MY BEARD.  Shaving is really tough and only gets tougher because I have to shave every single day!!!!!! Yes, I do miss my Oreos and milk, and soggy is the only way to go man, what are you talking about?!  :) But I did get some Oreos from mom and we had boxed milk at the apartment so I got to enjoy some.  :)  Right now, I am at 12 baptisms in my area and it is sweet!  :)  Aye, I will remember buddy, don't you worry.  :)

Anyways, hopefully soon I can write more, but this week I had like 10000 things to do on the computer!  Yikes!

Love ya and miss you guys,

Elder Wawro


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