Tuesday, May 3, 2016

More Videos!

I made a bunch of videos this week because I got too lazy to write in my journal, so enjoy!

Sorry, mom - I still haven't received your package.  The office Elders are going tomorrow morning to check on it.  I got one from Aunt Holly and Uncle Bruce (thank you!!), but none from home.  :(  I have been really stressing about it because it has the tie for Carina's wedding in it, but the package HAS STILL NOT COME IN YET.  Ugh.  But regardless, Life is good.  :)

The videos you sent me came  through.  :)  That makes me happy, but a little sad because I  miss Brit's goofiness.  :)

This week has been super sweet! Elder V. and I are really good friends, and we goof around all the time.  :)  This week I have been in a much better mood after my sickness and stress and whatnot, so that has been quite a blessing. We joke around and laugh all the time, push each other around and play little jokes, which makes the stress much easier to deal with for sure.

This week, we found this lady who cooks egg and bread, so basically, she mixes a bunch of vegetables and eggs together, cooks it and puts it between some bread which she cooks as well! :) It is delicious, and I have had like 6 this week... Oops... :)

We have 8-9 people that have chosen to be baptized on the 14th which is gonna be AWESOME.

Our first is Brother G. and his family, and they love the Gospel.  They love seeing us come by and teach and they gather the family to listen.  There are 5 that are old enough to be baptized, and this week they said, "we are ready" which just makes my heart and Spirit sooo happy.  :)

Next is Bro. D.  He is way cool, and he lives like 2, almost 3 miles away, but he is worth the walk 10000000%.  This week we answered more questions he had asked previously to pastors which they couldn't answer, but we could.  Super sweet when your investigator says, "My pastor couldn't answer that, but the Book of Mormon does."  And he said also that he was ready for baptism!!!!  He is probably my favorite investigator so far!  :)

We had insane rain this week (see video below).  It kept us in our apartment from 3pm-8pm and then our day was over, it was insane.  I was grumpy because we didn't do any missionary work, but it couldn't be helped.  So we watched some church videos and some D&C videos :)

I have been practicing for like 30 minutes a day on the piano, sometimes more, and today I will play for like 2 hours... yikes.... But I can play the top hand of the easy songs, but until I can read like a master, I won't move on to the lower hand.  PIANO IS WAY HARD.
This week I had a little bit of sickness, we had some sardines from a can which is rather popular, and after I ate it I did not feel good at all!  But it passed after much prayer, so it was all good, but I can check that off my bucket list right?  Ha ha

We ran to the culture center which I thought was gonna be super busy and bunches of souvenirs, but it wasn't busy, and only like 3 shops were open, so that was bummer. 
I heard of a missionary last week that sent a package home for only 305 cedis!!!  It was 14 POUNDS TOO!!!! :D  So maybe I'll send a package like once a year with a bunch of little gifts for everybody :) 

Africa is sweet, the food is getting better, and the missionary work is way awesome!

My testimony has really grown this week as I read about how the Lord blesses those who always remember him.  In the last few chapters it talks about the people of ALMA who were in bondage to the Lamanites and fought 3 times to be free to no avail.  They were even killed if they were seen praying.  Yikes.  But even still in their time of need, they prayed always in their hearts and found a way to keep the commandments no matter the consequence.  Then because of their obedience, they walked right out of the city because everybody was asleep!  Only through the Lord were they saved.  This absolutely applies to us.  No matter the situation, Heavenly Father will provide a way for us to keep the commandments (1 Nephi 3:7).  Just like a wise man always said, "Faith and Obedience and the Lord will be with you" (thanks, dad!!!).  I have seen this so many times.  Elder V. and I always strive for exact obedience and we are very blessed because of it.

BE GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING.  We Americans are very blessed for everything in everything.  Always be grateful and thank Heavenly Father for even the tough times, because that is when we grow the most.  And always remember that this life is very short, so if you have strange food you don't like, have a tough situation, or even miss out on something, just know that all things are for our experience.  :)

On Sunday for Mothers' Day, I was hoping to call at like 5 or 6 your time so I could talk to grandpa and grandma for like 5 minutes or so, because we only get an hour.  (So, it will be like 11pm my time Sunday night!)

Elder Wawro


Saved money and purchased a simple keyboard to learn and practice, so that I can play hymns here

 So.  Many.  Bugs.

Ghana Maps

Egg and bread stack

Animals everywhere - cats, dogs, chickens, and goats, I like taking pictures of them.  
This was a baby goat that was so cute, I had to take a picture!

There are like 3 kinds of mango's here, and this one is massive!

Fruit juice box!


Apple Juice!

Tasty cupcake and drink

Funny pic of Elder V. posing with some crazy local attire


Crazy Rainstorm!

Not a 'tornado' but a 'dust-nado' ha ha!

Apartment evacuation...roach infestation.  You've been warned...ha ha

A day in the life of a missionary...

A day in the life of a missionary, Part II...with some funny one-liners

1. The name of the grocery store is "Rip-You-Off Supermarket
2. And we live right down the street from a nightclub...
3. Part the roach-sea

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