Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Birthday! Happy Mother's Day!

This week was really crazy!  We had stake conference yesterday (Sunday) which was focused on how the members can help the missionaries and such, which was awesome and we had tons of investigators there too!  :)

We have a ton of powerful investigators who are keeping commitments, like prayer, reading the Book of Mormon and such, which is really awesome to see how it is changing their lives.

I finally got the call that my package from home came in.  It had gone through customs so I will inherently be missing some items, but as long as I get the tie from Carina's wedding (honorary groomsman!) I'll be happy.  But hopefully I will get it next week!  :)  The package you sent finally made it!!!!  I got a special call from Elder Halladay at the office that it came in, but he asked for me to pass the message on that it was pretty expensive to pick up and that the customs people dug through it so we will see, but only those padded envelopes don't get checked, so those are by far the best option!  :)

I can barely play hymn #100 on the piano after practicing for about 30 minutes a day to play one hymn, but it is coming along well! :)

We went to KFC today (Monday) to celebrate my 19th birthday which was REALLY expensive and the only American place in Africa that is legit food.  But it was so so soooo good :)



Then we went to 'Palace' which is the local American grocery store where everything is a bit expensive, but it has some American foods there and I even got a box of Fruit Loops!!  AND A BOTTLE OF IBC ROOT BEER WHAAAATTTT!??!?!?!?!?!?!?  :D



We ran to Melcoms (local home store) and bought USB drives and such, I got to call home which made me cry TBH hearing mom for the first time in 2 months, but it was really good.  :)   (Side story from mom:  A local member was passing along the message to him to call home at 2:30pm our time instead of 5pm which we'd previously arranged, because he would be talking to us at 10pm in Africa and we didn't want him to stay up that late.  Unfortunately, the message 2:30pm 'our time' wasn't passed along, so Gabe called us at 2:30pm his time (9:30am our time) when we weren't all together and prepared to talk.  I answered the phone seeing that it was from Ghana and was SO excited to talk to him, but told him we weren't all together then so could he talk to me now and then again this afternoon when all the family was there, or would that be against the rules and cut into his hour of talk time?  He said it would cut into his time later, so I had to let him go quickly so we didn't waste any of his minutes.  Talk about HARD!  I got off the phone and cried for 30 minutes...heartbreaking to know that he was excited to call after not hearing our voices for two months, only to talk for two minutes and have to call again later.  I heard it in his voice and lost it.  It was a hard day until we all were able to talk to him again at the REAL 2:30pm.  #bigmomtears)

This week I have had a cold or some bad allergies which bites, but I can effectively shoot snot without hitting my shoes and stuff, so I guess that's another skill I have learned while in Africa! Hahahahaaaa!  :)

I finished off the last of Uncle Bruce's cookies this week which is sad, but oh well.  ;)  See the video of me opening their package!!

Happy 19th birthday to me, it was awesome reading a bunch of emails today.  :) So thank you everyone for writing.  :)

Thoughts for the next package you send or ones in the future:

Tic-Tacs to remind me of dad
Small tool set - screwdriver set with some pliers, the basics
Small pack of cotton balls
Mini peanut butter dipping packets
Gummy bears
Mini good smelling candles
Toenail clippers and a nail file
A tennis ball or racket ball
Mashed potatoes should come in like every package :))))))
--So, why potatoes?
--Potatoes are
1) REALLY FRIGGING EXPENSIVE (if they aren't already spoiled) and
2) because they are delicious and only require us to boil water.  :)

Hope you love the videos and pics from the week and sorry for the short email!

Elder Wawro


Emailing home today (Monday!)

 Found one of our family favorite juices!!!!

Cousin Haley Wawro and her brother, Christian Wawro, are both performers with the BYU "Young Ambassadors" and they happen to be in another part of Africa right now.  Cool to be in the same country right now! 



Package from Aunt Holly and Uncle Bruce!

Buying a sache' of water & shopping in the market;
Sorry about the sideways video!

Walking and talking;
Heading to the bus ("tro-tro")

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