Monday, May 30, 2016

May 23rd, 2016

Mom: Busy week trying to finish up the last of school and processing seminary, so I'm going to post last week's email and this morning's email today.

This week was a very trying week for me.  We basically started from zero this week as we baptized many last week, so we have begun to do some finding and contacting of people in the area as well as seeing some referrals from our recent converts. At one point this week, we were teaching a whole family and all their kids, so it was like 5 adults and all their kids which reminded me of Alma and Amulek as they taught many many people, so that was a sweet experience!

We had zone council this week which was really awesome, but I definitely could pick out the disobedient from the obedient. Most of our zone is full of old people, so half former zone leaders and half missionaries who are going home soon.  It's interesting to see those who magnified their callings and those who haven't. But it was a really cool experience to get to be part of a zone council that I knew what was going on!  :)

I had sweet bloody knuckles this week after washing, but my knuckles are getting stronger so hopefully today they won't bleed too bad :)

We got a new Elder in our apartment, Elder Odera, and we did not get along well at the start of this week. We got in a little fight about work because he doesn't work much and is a little lazy, but regardless, we fought about work and he was a little rude and I was rude back which was not good at all. Although I may have been justified in some of the things I said, that was not a correct situation. I thought about it a lot before I went to bed that night about how I was right, but as I woke up, I knew I had to humble myself and apologize.  I prayed for charity and courage, and went to apologize.  He is 23 months on his mission and I am almost 3 months, but still I felt bad about what I said.  I went up, shook his hand, looked him in the eye and just said I was really sorry for what I said last night.  He said it was okay, and as I left, I felt very peaceful about the whole thing.  I had made right what was wrong and we get along great now.  I learned an important lesson about forgiveness as I humbled myself and apologized.  Our relationship was saved, no matter how much we don't get along, I showed my love for him as I apologized, all because of a simple apology.  This applies to everyone on the earth, no matter how right you may be, "it is better to foster an environment of love and nurturing than to be right...let us let love conquer pride." -Dieter F Uchtdorf

I had a patience test as well this week as one of our investigators blew off his baptism for a job appointment he got last minute.  We got up early to get everything ready for his baptism and 2 hours after his scheduled time, he called and said he was out of town.

So, since Aunt Wanda's moving (to Colorado), THAT MEANS I CAN VISIT AND SNOWBOARD WHEN I GET BACK!  :)  You never know how much you appreciate something until you don't have it.  Ask me how I know.  :)  But for sure she will appreciate her mom much more when she is not around.

Side note: If you can send a church history book every package or every other package, that would be really sweet.  :) I love reading about church history and such and I have finished almost both the small books of the missionary library.  :)

NICE JOB KYLE!  And love you too grandma, and I love hearing from you :)


I am in love with Kalyppo as it is my alternative for soda! 
Guava is actually very good.  :)

Picture sent of missionaries emailing home on Monday/P-Day, sent from internet cafe.
I can imagine how empty this place must be on the other weekdays...ha ha


Calling home for Mother's Day!
(Sorry for using the word 'crappy'.  LOL)


Tuesday, May 10th, 2016 Video
Enjoying a REAL bowl of Fruit Loops with a box of milk!  LOL!  Shopped at "Palace", the local American grocery store.  Please excuse the eating and slurping during the video.  Ha ha...goodness!  And do you like his homemade haircut?  :)
(P.S. One 'cedi' is about the same as $.25 cents U.S.)


"And you may ask, how do you wash clothes in Africa?"  Ha ha!

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