Monday, February 19, 2018

10-30-17 "Asubo - Baptism"

This week has been crazy busy, and the week ahead of me is even more busy! This week we had some exchanges in Ejisu with Elder White and Elder Aye. I was privileged to go with Elder White and to learn from him as my district leader. We had so much fun on exchanges and we taught some seriously powerful people. Ejisu is sweet! We were able to contact someone who was very curious about the gospel though some simple service. There was an old woman rushing to get her clothes off the drying line as the rain was coming, and we felt prompted to go over and help her so her clothes didn't get wet. She was so grateful for our help and invited us in to talk with her family! Her grandson was the most interested, about 17 years old or more, and he had a lot of questions that we were able to answer for him through the Restored gospel. Wow, this message is true.

We have a mission tour next week with Elder Kacher of the Seventy. We have tons of things to study and they are all so wonderful. There are so many things I have learned, and definitely a booster for me spiritually. There is a great message from Elder Oaks titled "Our Message to Missionaries" and it is so wonderful. If you are a missionary or preparing to become one, this talk is for you! :)

We ate at this place called Summerfield's last Monday as a district, and turns out the owner lived in the USA for 25 years and has his doctorate in Hospital Management. He now has moved back to Ghana, but still has his accent, which was so funny to listen to! Wow, Americans talk weird, let me tell ya!  :)

We had 2 baptisms on Sunday of Spendlove and Beatrice. Beatrice was interviewed by the Mission President because she is a minor. President had a great interview, and she even expressed her desire to one day serve a mission! We are so blessed here, seriously. :)

Last, as we grabbed a taxi to Daaban, there was some divine design in our travel plans as Elder Rasband would say. We flagged down the first taxi, and he gave us a reasonable price to Daaban, so we took him. Turns out, he is an endowed member of the church, and has since gone less active due to  someone's poor choice. We talked for a while about his past and why he has stopped coming to church. He explained about what the 'someone' did to him and how it hurt him and his family and dishonored his name. It was such a sad story, and he seemed pretty sad as he was telling it.  I was getting the vibe of "my life is horrible" from him. As we talked, I was able to share my testimony of the Sacrament and going to church with him, and he committed to go to church on Sunday in Accra where he works. All this because we decided to get into a tax to go to Daaban. Truly the Lord is involved in the details of our lives, both mine and yours.

Sorry for the short letter, just doing like 1000 things at the moment, but have a great week! :)

Elder Wawro

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