Monday, February 19, 2018

12-18-17 No Big Email Today

Mom:  No big email came through today - I believe there were some technical issues on Gabe's end.  However, we did get to chat about his phone call home for Christmas.  Missionaries have time to email every Monday, and get to call or Skype home on Christmas and Mother's Day each year, so those two holidays become even more special than ever before.

Gabe has been given some time to work on his college applications and essays, as he's coming home in a few months and deadlines will pass before he gets here, so we've been proofing the essays he sends and cleaning them up to submit, since the keyboards and technology he has access to are sometimes lacking in Ghana.  :)  The final deadline is February 1st but we're going to have them in before the end of the year.

Gabe will be calling us at 6pm his time on Christmas, so we'll get to talk with him that morning and there won't be a weekly email that day.  WONDERFUL!!!

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