Monday, February 19, 2018

11-06-17 "Elder Kacher, Akwabaa!"

This week was SUPER BUSY. WE spent 1 full day in our area this week which was rough, I miss proselyting to see our people. Anyways, we had a ton of meetings this week to go to, and some traveling too.

To start the week, we had our mission tour with Elder Kacher, and it was wonderful. We learned so much, some of those things I will share later in the email, but it was awesome. I got to sing hymn 100, 'Nearer my God to Thee' with 7 other missionaries which was pretty sweet! We met with him before the meeting started as zone leaders to talk about what the meeting needed to be focused on to help our missionaries. So cool to get to talk to him in such a small group and to see the trust he had in us. Awesome. The mission tour lasted from 9am to 4pm, and it was so worth it.

We then had MLC the next day, which Elder Kacher attended as well. It was very relaxed actually, we went through our accountability as a mission, and then had the chance to ask him any question we wanted and he would try to answer for us. It was really sweet, the Spirit was so strong as he spoke to us, and I learned a whole lot.

We met this guy Emmanuel this week. We thought he was a member, he just showed up at church and told us this was his church and he was from Liberia, never mentioning the fact that he had not been baptized. Anyways, this week, we met him and he asked if we could come and see him. When we got there we found out that he had not been baptized. He has been attending the church for 4 years, and every time he wanted to be baptized, something would come up or he would travel. So we went through the lessons with him briefly, he knew pretty much everything, and set his baptism for this Saturday. How awesome.

We will have transfers this Wednesday, my companion and I are staying together which is great because now we will enjoy Thanksgiving together! Only downside is the transfer ends the week before Christmas, so if I leave (which I probably will) then I will miss Christmas with the Kwamo members. That will be a rough week, I am trying not to think about it too much, it makes me sad. Sis. Comfort said she doesn’t want me to get transferred until she at least goes on her mission in January. Well, guess I will get to rip that band-aid off when I get there.

We also had our Stake Conference this Saturday and Sunday. We had an amazing turnout on Sunday for our investigators. I guess they never really see how big the church is in the small branches and wards until they schedule a stake conference and see the 2000 members gathered together. It was so big, oh my goodness. We had to set up TV’s in separate rooms for others to watch, it was serious!

We sent my 'father' home today , good ‘ole Elder Vuakatagane is going home! How time is flying, I wish I could keep track…  I can't believe it, only a handful of months to go, I can count them on my hands. That is a terrifying thought. Anyways, I also got to meet an Elder Schmidt from California this week! He is pretty cool, we like a lot of the same things back home. He also is a little homesick, and I know how that feels, so  it was good to talk to him a little bit, he is really sweet. 

At the mission tour, something that really struck me was about giving up the little things, and how big of a difference simple obedience makes. He shared some experiences in his mission about how some missionaries said it was impossible to do this and that, and so he sent new missionaries to the area who truly consecrated their lives to missionary work, and the miracles they performed. Simple obedience is the key. It is a simple principle on paper to just do what you are asked, but as we actually appy the principle of obedience in our lives, and commit to do all that God asks of us, then we can be blessed! I wish I had more time to talk about the mission tour, but overall, what I took away was how important it is to be obedient, and the miracles that can happen in a missionary's life, or in our case, a whole zone if they will all commit to be exactly obedient.

Elder Wawro

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